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Bush's sidestep heats up "Dancing With the Stars"

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With the second round of eliminations looming, all the couples were determined to stay in the mix. In the second dance of the night, George Bush and his pro partner Dora Politickska took on the sidestep. During rehearsals, Bush had expressed his confidence that he could handle the intricate moves of this dance. "This is one that I've actually had some experience with," he said, "while I was in the, you know, the White House."

It was his and Dora's best performance so far. They didn't do as well last week, when their jive earned 6's from the judges. Tonight Bush's sidestepping was so fast that he actually got ahead of his pro partner's beat. But the judges were impressed anyway, and gave the couple 9's. It was the highest score of the evening.

In the green room afterwards, Bush looked pleased with his performance. He said, "I want to send a message to the American people about the importance of sending a message when they're dancing, especially if they can dance like me."

When reminded that next week will be the tap dance, Bush didn't bat a syllable as he and Politickska exchanged a conspiratorial look. He said, "We're going to rehearse hard, so we can elevate the achievements that we've achieved. I can tap-dance when there needs to be tap-dance. I can do the dumba where needs to be -- well, the dumba."

And the fox news trot? "That one too," he said.

Asked if he expected the audience to vote him off the show anytime soon, Bush grinned and said, "Not if I can snatch defeat out of the jaws of the other couples who are trying to defeat us. After being President," he added, "what do you do next? You go on 'Dancing With the Stars.' "

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Bush is amazingly agile on the show. It alsmost seems like he has no backbone with the way he bends and contorts... I'm sick of seeing all his cleavage in those sequined dresses, though...

I agree. If Bush wins that disco-balls trophy, he will definitely deserve it. I became convinced of his talents on this front a few weeks ago when TV news cameras caught him doing an impromptu little soft-shoe routine in front of the White House.

ROFLMAO - I loved this post.

The fox new trot made me laugh out loud.

Thanks, Bil. BTW, I lifted most of the dialogue direct from classic lines in Bush's speeches.

Access Hollywood had a short vignette on this DWTS contest where I saw a hunky black guy giving Dubya tips on how to do a superb Side-Step-Double-Step. Then the guy even taught Bush how to do the Moonwalk --- you know, that walk where it looks to the audience like you are going forward but actually you are going backward? Idiot though he is, Bush caught on to that one really fast!

At first I thought the black guy was Emmett Smith, but it turned out to be Donnie McClurkin.

Alas, I never saw the Access Hollywood bit. Bush is just a big ole dancing queen, huh?