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GOP to Undergo "Hip Hop" Makeover to Appeal to Blacks and Latinos

Filed By Michael Crawford | February 19, 2009 4:00 PM | comments

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Are the Republicans now taking lessons in ebonics? That's the question that popped to mind as I read RNC Chairman Michael Steele promising a "off the hook" makeover of the GOP to appeal to young Black and Latino voters.

We need messengers to really capture that region - young, Hispanic, black, a cross section ... We want to convey that the modern-day GOP looks like the conservative party that stands on principles. But we want to apply them to urban-surburban hip-hop settings.

With the hostility of congressional Republicans towards President Obama's economic recovery package and and likely future legislative attempts to undue the damage of the Bush years, the GOP is going to have to do a lot more to appeal to voters of color than throw around a few hip phrases and redo their logo.

Steele may be Black, but his attempts at keeping it real are ringing decidedly false. As one commenter on HuffPo put it "He makes John McCain look like Kayne West."

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Just in case no one recalls recent history, Michael Steele was not exactly the most moderate of Republicans during his stint in MD. And let all of us who are members of a "different" culture (i.e. those of us who are not white, conservative, evangelical, Christian, wing-nuts) the fight is not over. As we've already seen, the right wing nuts are not going to give up.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | February 20, 2009 6:29 AM

Steele may be trying to bring a "hipper" face to the GOP, but its clear that the divisive politics will remain the same.