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Rush Limbaugh vs. Dikes

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Rush Limbaugh says he is uncomfortable with news media using the word "dike" to refer to levees along the Red River. Really, the level of ignorance among some Republican "leaders" is beyond embarrassing. And to think that, for centuries, people shamelessly told and re-told the story of the little Dutch boy who saved his country from a flood by putting his finger in a hole in a leaking dike.

Somebody please get Rush Dimbaugh into a remedial English class before he singlehandedly causes America's literacy rate to crash.

The word dike or dyke, meaning levee, wall, embankment, floodbank, stopbank, ditch or a specialized term in geology or mining, has been around for centuries. How it got applied to certain lesbians is one of those history mysteries that scholars try to solve.

One explanation is that there was a Greek goddess named Dike. Another is that "ditch" is a not-very-respectful old slang term for the vulva. Take your pick.

Many English words have developed double meanings -- far too many for Rush's feeble mind to take in, apparently. I don't need to detail about what happened to the word "gay" -- it's well-known. But now we can't use words starting with bi -- like bi-focal, bi-ped, biennial, or even bicycle -- because they will force poor Rush to think of bisexuals. The man will have to leave politics because his ears won't be able to suffer the words bi-partisan or bi-lateral.

As for words like transportation, translation, transmute, transmogrify, etc., these will make him cringe at the very thought of trans people. We won't be seeing Rush flying anywhere on Trans World Airlines, or doing anything transcontinental or transatlantic for that matter.

Not to mention the most terrifying linguistic hazard of all -- mention of homogenized milk, or even homo sapiens -- which will make Rush Limpbrain crawl under his desk (if he can) rather than think of homosexuals.

But there is an upside to Rush's virulent illiteracy, though. If he keeps that fat mouth of his going the way he does, sooner or later he will blab himself into trouble with his bosses, and his job will go bye-bye. These Republican lamebrains usually wind up shooting themselves in the foot if you let them wave their guns around enough.

Good example of a conservative commentator who is closer to giving himself that fatal bullet: Bill O'Reilly. He's getting more and more loony and out there. Last night Keith Olbermann took off the velvet gloves and went down a lengthening list of O'Reilly's statements that were embarrassingly, patently and factually incorrect. Nobody at Fox seems willing (or able) to do any fact-checks on Bill. But the Fox ratings are slipping, and Bill's days are probably numbered.

As are Limbaugh's. We will see him getting the "bum's rush" to the door.

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The word "dyke" is derived from the name Boadicea, the queen of the Iceni Celts. In 61 to 63 AD she led a revolt against the occupying Romans. She is still considered one of the greatest warriors of England. Boadicea is pronounced "boo-dic-ah". Bulldyke evolved from that, and of course, is shortened to dyke.

There are actually several theories about the word's etymological origins, and not everybody agrees which one is most likely. There is also the related term "bulldagger" to puzzle about.

And precisely how stupid do you have to be to not understand that Rush was being sarcastic?

He was satirizing "PC speak" in general and the recently reported Obama Administration policy of referring to the "war on terror" as "overseas contingency operations" in particular.

The fact that you are incapable of grasping the concept of satire in this case doesn't speak well to your critical thinking abilities.

But it's Rush that's "Dim" according to you? That's funny right there, I don't care who you are.

Yes, because Rush is a misunderstood genius with a subtle sense of humor.

Curt, everyone knows that Limbaugh is the Clown Prince of the Republican party. He is an unending source of knee-slapping good times. A laugh a minute, at least.

Patricia is just joining in on the fun.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | March 31, 2009 10:04 PM

Rush's sarcasm kills...just kills em. Ask the victims. The man is unfunny in the extreme.

Perhaps it came from the thought of little Dutch Boys wanting to put fingers in....

Personally, i would prefer that we begin to boycott the word "Rush"

"This is a "'Hurry' Order"

And can popper users stay away from the brand that advertises Limbaugh?

A. J. Lopp | April 1, 2009 1:59 PM

Yes, Maura, I was tempted to mention that, speaking of double meanings, RUSH is a brand of poppers.

Imagine thousands of bedroom scenes across the globe: Rush, sitting there dutifully on the nightstand, while two gay guys get it on ... and when it's time for one of them to ... uh ... relax the muscles in his bottom, he reaches for the One Sniff That Never Fails ... RUSH!

... and now all America knows what a big "hit" RUSH! is ...

Curt must be a homo hating lover of Rush. HA, that's what he is.

The Republicans are just retarded on their rhetoric. Rush is just plain retarded.