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First the Abortionists, Then the "Homosexuals": TheCall Declares War

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Just this morning, an announcement went out from TheCall, asking its list of followers to join a national prayer-and-fasting movement aimed at "the spiritual darkness of the homosexual agenda" and the "restraining" of our "ideology." TheCall is not just another fringy extremist church group -- we need to pay serious attention to this move it's making. Lou Engle, founder and leader of TheCall, is not the familiar old bible-thumping enemy like Jerry Falwell and James Dobson. A major figure in the New Apostolic Reformation that I've been writing about, Engle has close ties with the violent anti-abortion movement called The Army of God, who stirred up such a frenzied atmosphere of attacks on abortion clinics that they finally incited someone to assassinate the well-known doctor George Tiller.

Now Engle's front is calling for 21 days of national prayer against the "unseen spiritual powers" (meaning the unholy demons that allegedly possess you and me). But that's not all. His own movement also calls for acts of "martyrdom" -- meaning followers who are willing to commit violent acts, including murder, who will willingly go to prison or be shot down by police, so they can rid the world of the movement's "enemies," namely prominent abortionists and LGBT leaders and the like.

In other words, leaders like Engle can keep the blood off their own hands, and themselves out of prison, by merely inciting others to riot. Their weapons are other people who leap into "Christian soldier" mode and pull the trigger.

Engle isn't a name that is well-known to many of us, but he travels with familiar figures like Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee and Oliver North, among others. Gingrich has been described as one of what Engle calls "the wallbuilders." So when Gingrich is talking and religious rhetoric is coming out of his mouth, you can bet that powers like Engle are moving the former Speaker's lips.

TheCall's message (which is below) has to be read in its entirety, to get the full fanatical sweep of what Engle is calling for. So I've copied it verbatim from the email I saw.

In my opinion, we will now see the violent Army-of-God-type of inciting turned openly against the LGBT community. These extremists are nothing like the conventional enemies we've gotten used to fighting. Yes, they do have an interest in raising millions of dollars to spend on lobbying Prop 8, like the Moral Majority and the Mormon Church did. Yes, they do circulate anti-gay petitions, and hammer on voters, and try to get bills passed or defeated. They even pay for ads on TV. But they're coming at politics from a radically different place, which is essentially a form of religion-motivated domestic terrorism that is apparently being winked at by conservative American government and law enforcement who don't have the brains to see how dangerous it is.

All that these pro-violence fringies need to win is to set in motion some out-of-control people with guns, along with less lethal forms of extreme harassment. That's what they did to create such a forbidding climate around abortion clinics that most women's access to legal abortion in the U.S. has now been virtually eliminated. The fringies didn't even need to get abortion formally outlawed in all states as well as federally. All they needed was to scare so many people that most abortion clinics closed down.

Now they are made bold by their success against abortion -- by the fact that they have lots of friends in Washington D.C. now, and the federal government has done nothing (other than arrest Tilller's murderer) to crimp their activities. So now these extremists are moving down their hit list to the next item on it, namely the LGBT movement.

Their kind of targeting is all it will take to greatly narrow our ability to maintain an open existence, both individually and collectively. Their terrorist-type harassment of us, of our daily lives, our events and activities, and of anyone who supports us, from the media to politics, can suddenly start closing doors in our faces -- just as it did to women seeking abortions. It won't do us any good to have hate-crime laws if the laws aren't enforced. It won't do any good to have marriage rights if ministers and officials are frightened away from performing same-sex marriages. Abortion was legal too, and the federal government actually arrested and prosecuted a lot of violent anti-abortionists -- but that didn't stop the anti-abortion forces, who eventually got control of the battlefield simply by frightening most abortion doctors and their staffs away from their practices.

So, if we expect to outmaneuver these extremists, and win the victory over them, we very much need to study what happened to abortion medicine, and to the now-vanishing "right of a woman to have an abortion," if we are to understand the M.O. that is about to be unleashed against us.

Nobody should be surprised that the extremists are going this far. In the late 1970s, the original gang of young extremists (the so-called Jesus Freaks) openly declared war on three things -- legalized abortion, the gay movement and feminism. And for 30 years they've stayed on course with keeping their word. First the abortionists, then the "homosexuals." When they're ready, they'll get around to the women's movement.

Incidentally, the New Apostolic Reformation, which I've been writing about, is the movement with which Sarah Palin has reportedly been associated, through her home-town church in Alaska. Massive campaigns of prayer and fasting that target specific groups in specific cities -- in this case, the upcoming Gay Pride event in Charlotte, NC on July 25 -- are a hallmark of the NAR, along with ranting about "unseen demonic powers," and the ultimate aim to govern the United States with an "apostolic" government.

Here is Lou Engle's email message to his faithful this morning:

"God Has a Better Way"

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you may know, three years ago, I sent my son and several young people to San Francisco to pray that the love of God would be poured out on the homosexual community in the Castro district. For three years they wept, worshiped and witnessed in the Castro. Then the Prop8 contention arose. I found myself in the great challenge to represent Christ's love to the homosexual and at the same time stand against deception and the homosexual agenda that is threatening to mainstream destructive lifestyles and laws into the veins of American life and culture. Jesus modeled the proper posture and was described by the Apostle John as full of grace and truth. We must be filled with the love, compassion and mercy of Christ when ministering to the homosexual, but we must recognize the spiritual darkness behind the homosexual agenda and confront it with massive intense fasting and prayer.

Five years ago we launched a prayer movement that became Bound4LIFE and is now multiplying across the nation contending against abortion and praying for adoption. It is time to raise up a nation wide prayer movement now to stand in the gap crying to God to restrain the homosexual ideology that is hostile to biblical ways and the freedoms we have been able to live in and enjoy in the 233 years of our American history. Even now in certain places christian schools are being pressed to teach pro-homosexual curriculum. Pending hate crime bills will make it extremely difficult for people simply to speak truth on this subject in the public square. In Massachusetts we are very near the point where pastors will not be able to preach biblical truth without punitive measures being taken against them.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a great stand of truth with compassion is now being made through the church that is actually turning the tide of the homosexual agenda there. Dr. Michael Brown, well known as a catalyst in the revival in Brownsville, is spearheading this movement, speaking with clarity the biblical understanding of the homosexuality, but also ministering and witnessing in love to the community.

This past weekend we called for a 21-day season of fasting and prayer in Charlotte and in Atlanta declaring we must win the battle against spiritual unseen powers if we are going to see freedom for the homosexual and the restraining of the ideology. 40 years ago the Stonewall Riots of New York City, marked the beginning of the homosexual revolution. 40 years later we are coming to the ripening and legal empowering of the movement. Apart from God there is no way of turning this back. We are headed the way of many European nations, but I believe the Lord wants to raise up a "Stonewall" of intercession, a prayer stand if you will, expressed in Ezekiel 22:30 "I looked for a man to stand in the gap to build up a wall before me ...".

In Charlotte, and on this 21-day season of fasting, we are seeking to begin to build that wall of prayer. After my time in Charlotte I came home and watched that movie, Facing the Giants with my children. I was stunned at the last part of the movie when the Richmond Giants are on the one yard line ready to score. The opposing coach shouts to his team who have been experiencing spiritual revival, "Build me a stonewall!" The team stops the giants from scoring on four downs and then in amazing turnaround score themselves. I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me "Build me a Stonewall of intercession that could hold back this giant rumbling across America."

On July 25th, the 21st day of the fast, we are calling those whose hearts stir them from around the nation, to come join Dr. Michael Brown for a day of intercession and public sensitive witness on Charlotte's gay pride day. Our desire is that God would raise up a house of prayer to contend there against the spiritual powers behind the ideology and to contend for an outpouring of the delivering power of Jesus that can set the homosexual, the transgender, and the porn addict free. Come take your stand with our brothers and sisters in Charlotte and cry out to God for a great mercy to sweep over America.

Check my September 2008 archive for more articles on the NAR.

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CAfurrball | July 16, 2009 7:59 PM

I've heard there is also a parallel organization called "Christian Identity," which is even more radical, and violence-prone. I don't know if they are inter-twined and/or associated with each other, however, both are dangerous, and need to be watched closely.

Marja Erwin | July 16, 2009 11:33 PM

"Christian Identity" has its roots in the "British Israelite" movement. It is a racist movement, which believes that northwestern Europeans are God's chosen people, and all others are non-human.

Very scary stuff indeed.

The religious right is the closest parallel in American society to European fascism in the 1930s, and it poses no less of a threat. This only serves as further evidence of that.

The problem with these individuals is that they are accountable to no one in their doctrine other than themselves and those who are they supporters. But, this is freedom of religion in America. Anyone can start their own group and preach their own dogma. It is scary stuff. What is even more scary is the people willing to follow and not question these self-appointed prophets.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 17, 2009 3:23 AM

You would think with all this "fasting" Newt would be a lot thinner. This really about these groups responding to our successes. They have always been doing this sort of nonsense, but previously got no publicity when their oppression was unquestioned.

Worth watching, but my sense of this is that the stubbornly ignorant are fewer in number. That does not mean that they will become a danger free zone though. I think of Waymon's posting about Bryce Faulkner and how in times past no one would have known about it. We hear more news good and bad and Marshall McLuhan's prophecy of a global village has come to pass.

Thank you Patricia for an always thoughtful analysis and have a glass of wine today for my Robert's 80th birthday.

Most women probably never imagined that reproductive freedom could ever go away in the U.S., after all the long and hard struggle to get it. But to their great surprise, it IS going away, thanks to the religious right's technique of slowly jackaling something they don't like, nipping away at it and bleeding it to death little by little.

And yes, I'll lift a glass in honor of Robert's 80th.

Mary Hayes | July 17, 2009 11:22 AM

After the murder of George Tiller, the "pro-life" movement indulged in an orgy of self-congratulation for how morally superior they are to 'those who resort to violence' to quote just one of the bromides. But at the same time, slipped in between these innocuous volumes on the bookshelf, were sly comments like "I think Tiller's murder was terrible -- no matter how many babies he killed."

In other words, they let others to their dirty work and then draw their skirts out of the muck. The responses of pro-choice activists -- what's left of that movement since the marginalizaion of feminism in the name of generational progress -- was lukewarm at best, with the result of the "pro-lifers" now being perceived as occupying the high ground despite, or even because of, the violence they gave a nudge-and-wink endorsement to. If there's violence against the LGBT civil rights movement in this context, I hope the same mistake won't be repeated again.

John R. Selig | July 17, 2009 3:41 AM

Now I am going to have trouble going back to sleep!

None of these groups ever seem to get around to adultery. Ooops, there would go their leadership. The mainstream media need to cover this but of course they never will.

Bruce Wilson of Talk2Action has written tireless exposes about the NAR and Lou Engle for the Huffington Post. But the mainstream media people who read the HuffPost ignore his warnings, for the most part. CNN and Fox will definitely ignore, it of course. What surprises me is that MSNBC doesn't pick up on these stories more.

It IS true that Rachel Maddow is going after The Family right now, in the course of covering hypocrisy on adultery. If you look at who travels with whom, and who speaks at whose prayer breakfast, you can discern ties among some of these radical religious groups. I will be writing more about this, though I doubt that more than a few people will pay any attention.

I read a story the other day about how some guy purchased a domain name that might have been used against gays. So, I thought I might do the same today...www BuildMeAStonewall dot com now points to a gay affirming website?

I read about that happening recently to the, "National Organization For Marriage dot com" I thought it was a good idea.

Rick Sours | July 17, 2009 8:49 AM

Using religion, any religion, to promote this
level of hate is both scary and shocking. Like I
have previously stated on this site; there is nothing anti-Gay in the New Testament. The Old
Testament is simply good literature from many
varied sources. I strongly feel Christianity has
been hijacked so to speak by various groups to
promote their own agendas. In my opinion, Christianity or any religion for that matter is about love and treating one's fellow individuals
with dignity and respect. I was taught that in life's journey whenever one was faced with decisions to ask the question: "What would Jesus

This group is so fringy, even compared to NOM or FOTF....

Thanks for posting, Patricia.

Not as fringy as you think. Around June 1, Lou Engle hosted a right-wing conference at which Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, David Barton, Oliver North, Bob McEwen and Mat Staver were speakers.

The Christian right is going through a changing of the guard right now. We need to pay careful attention to the movements on the chess board. It's pretty clear that Newt Gingrich is grooming himself for a possible 2012 run for President, and he is aligning himself with organizations like TheCall.

Bruce Wilson states that this conference "showcased the rapid reconfiguration of the Christian right around the rising, highly militant but poorly understood charismatic wing of the new Christian right." Check out Lou Engle's introduction of Gingrich on YouTube.

Rev, Bill Johnson | July 17, 2009 11:53 AM

I am a gay Christian and I am appalled at their attempts to foster their agenda on America and on us.
I shouldn't be surprised that this kinda movement is being attempted. It is their last stand in our culture. It is stand that embraces violence and misinformation to try and accomplish their goals.

Fortunately the church as a whole is not in support of them. But good men and women will have to stand up and make the difference. Our God of love and righteousness will hold their efforts at bay and bring them to naught. Every hate movement has their moment of history but then they are just that...history. GOD WINS! AND GOD WINS EVERYTIME! God never rewards His children that live by hate and misdeeds. God never rewards His children that promote injustice. God never rewards evil or calls it good. God is a God of justice and their efforts are out of sinc with God.

The only thing we should fear is men and women remaining in the closet. When I say men and women, I mean all men and women and their actual secrets, concerns,questions, and struggles.

I am a gay Christian. The struggle for me was denying what God created ME just as I am. My journey is to discover that which God created in me, as me, and through me. When I allowed what God created just to "BE," I found true completeness. When I began acknowledging God's perfection in my soul, my life shifted for the better. The sadness many zealot Christians assume gays and lesbians have is just not the case. I have found 99% more straight men and women who are miserable with their lives. I find 99% more straight people caught in the void of not knowing themselves or how to celebrate their own lives as creations of God. I stopped feeling bad about myself and I started to experience the TRUE JOY of being a believer who just so happens to be gay.

We do need to be mindful of their plans to destroy our joy we have found in being transparent, open, and honest. As they plot to bring back a society built on lies and dishonesty, we must all encourage all men and women to lift there heads and come out of their closets of sin, embarrassment, and shame. God is love and acceptance. Stand in opposition to any other definition.

Brad Bailey | July 17, 2009 2:48 PM

It will get worse before it gets better. Every civil rights movement has spawned its share of backlash, from the abolitionist movement in the early to mid 1800s to the women's suffrage movement in the 1920s to the black civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s. Freedom isn't free, and neither is social justice.

Arnold C. | July 17, 2009 6:53 PM


This is some pretty intense stuff you've posted here!

I've followed Lou Engle for the last ten years or so, and I was not aware of any connection he had with the Army of God. I thought his folks were the ones who wore the "LIFE" tape over their mouths and prayed silently in front of the Supreme Court. Can you share more with us on the violent, Army of God connection?

You can read Bruce Wilson's in-depth investigative report on Lou Engle and his formal call for anti-abortion "martyrs" in the Huffington Post

That same piece by Wilson is also posted at Talk2Action -- I included a link in my post

Talk2Action has a lot of other material on Engle.

The Army of God, aka Joel's Army or Elijah's Army, have positions on a host of issues besides abortion, and one of the issues is the existence of an open LGBT community in the U.S. Their "soldiers" are the potential "martyrs" who are already committed to action. They're not openly assembled into a visible organization, but it's their job to take over the world for Jesus "by force"...and it's clear that they're not talking in metaphors. Engle has made his meaning clear in speeches on many occasions, including a 2008 conference in Kansas City, where he said, "The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force."

You'll also find some good information on Engle and Joel's Army at the Southern Poverty Law Center, who identify them as a hate group.

Online tape of Lou Engle warning parents of their childrens almost certain deaths...

Before I knew his name, I knew he was dangerous. I downloaded and saved to my hard drive a video I found on Google where Lou is talking to a church about how their children may become almost certain martyrs. In this sermon, he warns the parents. He tells them not to be surprised if their children become martyrs for his perverted interpretation of the gospels. This sermon was given days after gay and lesbian Californians were robbed of their rights to marry the ones they love and who struggle to have the right to honor God through marriage.

So, the proof is in the pudding. He is building an army of Engle. He has taken a Bible and warped it into his personal fear-based agenda. He sells his tapes and his sells his fear.

We have to continue to pray for this man and his true salvation as he has obviously gone astray along the pathways of Jim Jones and terrorists.

The thing that scares me most about this man is that instead of using adults to execute his crimes, he uses our innocent children.

Online tape of Lou Engle warning parents of their childrens almost certain deaths...

Fringe they may be, but they are successful; their use of violence against their foes has been spectacularly successful. The availability of reproductive freedom resources has been drastically curtailed by these coawrdly terrorists.

Since they no doubt read this blog when they google their own names, here is a shout out to TheCall, the Army of God, and Mr mENGLE:

Come and get me, ye b*stards. But show some courage when ye do it and face me, no rifleshots through my dining room window when I am sitting with my children and no impersonal bombs that might kill others.

See what happens when you face down a tough, armed Irish woman descended from an ICA woman who was at the GPO in 1916. Show some guts. If your God is on your side, he ought to protect you from me.....

Disgusted American | July 18, 2009 6:59 PM

these people are Equal Radicals in oter countries forcing thier population to live under Sharia law they ARE the American Taliban..and need to be stopped. No doubt they will murder people just like the crazy muslums who strap bombs on themselves and blow themselves up......dont be surprised to hear stories of gun totoing crazy religious zealot walking into a Gay bar and randomly Kill people in the name of thier God???

Where have the faith-filled gone? Where has the belief that God will take care of creation gone? Why do those claiming to have faith; doubt God's Plan? They busy themselves building earthly treasures. Why do they act like ravenous vultures who need to kill, mute, and destroy? These are actually troubling signs to me. Signs of a shift in faith. Is our generation losing faith in God? Those that claim true spirituality have become those who terrorize those seeking hope. Is faith dead?

I want to encourage those who maintain faith. Do not look at fear-filled zealots. Look for those who trust in the Lord with all their hearts and do not lean on their own understandings (Proverbs 3:5&6). Faith is what saves mankind (Luke 17:5 (NIV) The apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our faith!" He replied, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you.). Their fear-based ministries are focused on manipulation. These are men and women who exhibit no peace, no hope, and no faith in our Lord. Yes, they have belief, but demons also believe. Instead, these fear-filled terrorists encourage our nation to war against itself.

The Bible is clear. Look at the fruits of their labors. They are not enrolling gays and lesbians into the peace and joy of the Kingdom of God. They plot and scheme for our destruction, not our redemption. Watch their actions and you can determine their true King. Their actions create chaos.

Galatians 5:22-23 (New International Version)
22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Let not our generation be defined by religious terrorists who failed at allowing God to be God. Let us co-design a generation built on our shared faith in love, spirit and truth. As even Jesus commanded, "love your neighbor as YOURSELF."

As for Lou, mental illness, false prophet, P.E. teacher gone wild, we are still finding out. My biggest concerns is that he focuses on children. The idea that he is preparing parents for their children's martyrdom concerns me the most. I hope, we as a community, watch closely his violence driven themes and solutions. Once the first child dies, his ministries will fall. When Jim Jones killed hundreds of adults, they made a movie about it. When Lou's youth attempt mass suicide at a gay bar or abortion clinic, we might soon find him in prison, hanging from a rope, or sitting along side all those who helped lead children to their own deaths. Religious cults have been killing themselves and others for years. It's no surprise. What is surprising to me is, if he were a high school teacher working with our youth this way or a social worker at the local Boys and Girls Club, he would have been fired by now. Parents please be mindful of your children's safety. If you aren't mindful of Lou's actions, consider that the teen-agers in his groups may not have the same ability to judge wisely how to stay out of harms way. Knowing this, his youth followers are entering a tragedy in progress.