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Moving Remembrance of LGBT Youth Who Took Their Own Lives

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This is a must-see -- a deeply moving musical remembrance of the LGBT youth who took their own lives during the past year. On December 10, LeAnn Rimes sang "The Rose" with the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles. She told the hushed audience that she hoped she could "get through it without crying." Then she pulled herself together and brought it.

This is a magnificent and heart-wrenching performance -- everybody who cares about our young people should hear it. And people who don't care about our kids should listen too. Maybe the message of this song will soften their hard hearts.

Hat tip to Michael Wieben in Portugal.

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That's beautiful. (It's LeAnn Rimes, not Grimes.)

The performance is beautiful, but... LeAnn has previously supported Republican candidates. While I understand there are (a few) republicans who support rights for LGBTQ peeps, most overwhelmingly don't. LeeAnn (who supported McCain) is kind of talking out of both sides of her mouth. Beautiful song... but if you really really want to honor those who've taken their lives due to homo/transphobia and bullying, then support policies and protections which would have helped them.

I've read a few interviews given by Lee Ann. She has repented. She's very conservative on many issues, but she has always been a strong supporter of GLBT rights.

Ordinaily, I'd agree with you Gina, but on this one, Lee Ann gets a mild pass. Maybe she can sing to McCain. I'm told music soothes the savage beast.

The arrangement, mixing the two songs, is brilliant.

Kevin Erickson | December 28, 2010 9:13 PM

she hasn't repented, she's playing a republican fundraiser on January 4th!

So she's not allowed to express her political views?

What a convenient world you live in.

"Repent" doesn't mean a complete disavowing of your political views. It means holding those candidates and elected officials accountable.

Think about DADT. Quite a few Democrats voted against it in the House and Senate. Do we disavow the entire party as a result?

Of course not.

There are snake,s charmers and saints in each party.

More snakes in the GOP, to be sure, regarding our issues. But Democrats have plenty of their own snakes.

"All or nothing" gets us nowhere. It's practiced way too often.

As note din another post on this site, the Republican and Independent senators who supported repeal of DADT on final passage, are to be thanked. But we cannot forget their support of cloture during the lead-up to the final vote.

Cloture is a vote to limit debate and set up a vote on a bill or resolution. In this case, it was a good thing.

And Senator McCain did not filibuster anything recently. It was his threat to, and the fact that the Senate didn't have the votes to invoke cloture -- which would have prevented debate and amendments to the entire DOD budget -- that kept Harry Reid from bringing the DOD budget to the floor.

The only recent "filibuster" was by some Democrats a week before Christmas, but there was nothing on the Senate agenda at the time, so all that they accomplished by talking for hours was to delay a weekend recess.

Keigh Anne, you really don't expect us to buy this convoluted nonsense, do you?

The cloture and filibuster threats, whether they resulted in actual votes or not, were cited as reasons for many issues dying or being delayed.

Sen. Collins refused to cut off cloture two weeks ago, when DADT was part of the Defense Approp Bill. She was joined by many.

You can have your own opinion. But you cannot and will not have your own facts.

Sixty damned near killed DADT repeal. In fact, it did, for three weeks.