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Patricia Nell Warren

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Patricia Nell Warren has been a Project Contributor since July 2007, has written 292 entries and currently lives in Beverly Hills, CA.


Patricia Nell Warren grew up on a Montana ranch and started publishing poetry and short fiction at age 17. Her bestselling gay novels -- notably The Front Runner, Harlan’s Race and Billy’s Boy -- started their print history in 1974 and continue today with groundbreaking choices of themes and characters. As an activist, she has been involved in women’s rights and free-speech cases that went to the U.S. Supreme Court. In recent years she turned to provocative editorials, writing about post-9/11 issues, youth, elders, AIDS politics and other issues. She also got active in politics, assisting with Democratic fundraising and serving as commission of education in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In 2006 she ran for city council in West Hollywood. Many prestigious awards have come her way, including the Barry Goldwater Award, the New York City Public Advocate Award, and the Independent Publisher Gold Medal. Wildcat Press is her own independent publishing imprint, with its website at Her personal page, with many posted editorials and articles, is

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Bayard Rustin (PostBlurb)

Remembering Bayard Rustin

Filed by Patricia Nell Warren | January 19, 2015 | 1:00 PM | comments

The word "activist" rolls off our tongues easily today. But in 1920s and 1930s America, taking a stand on human-rights issues automatically made you a target for the FBI.Read More

Christmas-gifts.jpg (PostBlurb)

One Gift Can Be a Lifetime Thing

Filed by Patricia Nell Warren | December 25, 2013 | 9:00 AM | comments

It's such a simple idea - giving somebody something for Christmas that they really need. Because we never know where that gift of ours is going to take someone's life. Read More

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President Obama: Expand Access to Generic AIDS Drugs

Filed by Patricia Nell Warren | August 28, 2013 | 2:30 PM | comments

If the Obama administration intends to be serious about better coordination of HIV treatment, they can't leave generic drugs by the side of the road.Read More


It Won't Be Over in Sochi

Filed by Patricia Nell Warren | August 09, 2013 | 4:00 PM | comments

Whatever happens with the Sochi Games, the fight against state-sponsored religious extremism in Russia will continue.Read More

LGBT History and Hispanic Heritage Month: Two Puerto Rican AIDS Activists

Filed by Patricia Nell Warren | May 17, 2013 | 10:00 AM | comments

Venerable activist José Fernando Colón died of AIDS this week. In memoriam for José, we honor his long battle to end the sickening political and administrative corruption around AIDS funding and treatment in Puerto Rico.Read More