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Trans Man Leads Vote in 'Men's Health' Cover Contest

Filed by John M. Becker | April 21, 2015 | 1:00 PM | comments

"Men's Health" magazine is running a contest to find its cover model for the November 2015 issue, and video blogger Aydian Dowling, a trans man, is leading the popular vote.Read More

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California Transphobes Strike Again With 'Bathroom Bill'

Filed by John M. Becker | April 20, 2015 | 2:00 PM | comments

Opponents of LGBT civil rights are launching another attack on transgender Californians: a proposed ballot initiative that would require all people to "use facilities in accordance with their biological sex in all government buildings."Read More

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Why Do Trans* Pronouns Matter?

Filed by Bil Browning | April 17, 2015 | 2:00 PM | comments

Are you ever confused about what pronoun to use when talking to a trans* person? Worried you'll muck it all up and don't know how to ask?Read More

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More Administration Officials Endorse Conversion Therapy Ban

Filed by John M. Becker | April 10, 2015 | 6:00 PM | comments

Less than two days after the Obama administration officially endorsed state-level efforts to end LGBT "conversion therapy," another group of senior administration officials is throwing their support behind bans on "ex-gay" and "ex-trans" torture.Read More

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White House Complex Gets Gender-Neutral Bathroom

Filed by John M. Becker | April 09, 2015 | 12:00 PM | comments

In another historic LGBT-related milestone for the Obama administration, the White House complex has just opened its first-ever gender-neutral restroom.Read More