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Reaching the Masses

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A protest has been organized to be held today, Monday the 9th of May, outside the City-County Building on Market St. Protests are sometimes a hot topic. Are they too radical or are they a staple of the American democratic process? Organizing a protest can be a challenge. The effectiveness of a protest is often judged by the number of people who participate.

Last night, while I was just hanging out with some friends, I told them about the protest. They hadn't heard of it of course. It got me thinking that we (the queer activist community) need a way to distribute information to the masses. Our current mass email lists are ineffective at this. I really don't blame most people for not wanting to be on a list like gayindy which is a very high-volume list that serves many purposes.

I would like to offer a general recommendation that a direct action email list be put together by someone who has the necessary resources. The purpose of the list would be ONLY to announce important events in the struggle for queer rights. For instance, only protests and important upcoming legislation (with the request call/email to voice your opinion to your elected official) would be announced. In theory, the list would only receive an email a couple times a month. It would be a volume most people could handle in their inbox and if it is focused only to very important announcements would not desensitize subscribers. There would ideally be no way for anyone to send an email to the list unless they are given that privilege by the administrator and this would be limited to one or two people.

A large-scale advertising campaign would be needed to get people on the list (IndyPride would be a great opportunity) and the campaign would need to continue on a regular basis. The campaign would be focused on places where the average politically-uninvolved queer is found...businesses, bars, social gatherings of all sorts.

What are your thoughts? I believe a direct action email list would be great. I believe such a list should not be affiliated with any one organization (Indiana Equality, Rock Indiana, IAN, etc) and that the privacy of subscribers should be protected. The volume of emails should be absolutely minimal. Each announcement email should be one that requires readers to participate in an action rather than just to inform. Links can be provided for those who wish to seek out more information. I would be excited to help with the list including advertising it and anything else needed, but I don't have the ability to run one.

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AUTHOR: paula

DATE: 5/09/2005 04:07:35 PM

Considering that our opposition is very well organized and has weekly "meetups" (usually on sunday) with "the average politically-uninvolved" (church members) - this is an outstanding idea.Once the list is established, sign me up!

AUTHOR: Steph Mineart

DATE: 5/09/2005 05:28:22 PM

I agree that something like this would be a good thing. The trick would be making sure that there weren't too many "urgent" messages sent out.

AUTHOR: Bil Browning

DATE: 5/10/2005 06:39:49 AM

Finding someone to administer the list who isn't already up to their eyeballs with other groups is going to be difficult. Otherwise, people will just associate the list with whatever group that person is involved with. But I think it's a great idea!


DATE: 5/10/2005 10:40:56 AM

It's a WONDERFUL idea Sarah! Since this blog is the place to hash out private conversations publicly, I'll let cha in on a little secret.... Rock Indiana was told that unless I gave up our contact list that a certain Indiana Coalition would NOT support the $2 dollar bill campaign! On April 28th, 2005 I said to board members of that statewide Indiana Coalition that "As far as the list goes, it will be SHARED, not given. XXXX has requested repeatedly a good faith effort by anyone wanting access to the list. I believe XXXX XXXXXX has also called for organizations within Indiana to share their contacts. As of now, there has been no movement that I know of to facilitate that. If I am incorrect, please correct me."Here we sit, two weeks later and I've heard nothing. Apparently this is a turf battle instead of a battle against Eric Miller and bigotry.


DATE: 5/10/2005 01:56:03 PM

Marti...How can anyone burn Eric Miller if you've used all the wood to make that giant cross you're on? The constant whining from community leaders is driving more people away than Eric Miller.