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What would a pharisee do?

Filed By Bil Browning | May 16, 2005 10:42 AM | comments

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The perversions done in the name of religion are remarkable. I found this article today about a priest refusing communion to worshippers who wore a rainbow sash to church. God forbid that Christians stand up for the oppressed!

It all goes back to the old saw, "What would Jesus do?" From my readings, Jesus ate, taught, and touched the lives of prostitutes, lepers, tax collectors and other "unwanted" human beings. He showed compassion and understanding without prejudice. He saved his wrath for the pharisees and other religious leaders who thought they were a better judge of people than God.

Jesus offered himself to everyone. Isn't it a shame that the Catholic church feels it necessary to try to refuse him to those they deem "unworthy?"

The worst part is that this wasn't even just gays and lesbians who were turned away from worship; GLBT supporters were also turned away. Makes you wonder, if Christ had shown up wearing a sash to show his disdain for injustice, would he have been welcomed?

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DATE: 5/16/2005 02:54:01 PM

Of course Christ would have been turned away. There is a great quote in The Good Book by Peter Gomes from a temperence preacher in the campaign for prohibition. It goes something like: I never believed that Jesus drank wine or turned water into wine, but if he did, he is roasting in hell with the rest of the sinners.