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Clark Continues to Deflect Criticism

Filed By Ed Team | June 20, 2005 7:14 AM | comments

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In an obvious "hey, I'm not the only one criticizing the governor" move, American Family Association of Indiana President Micah Clark has issued a "special" email newsletter just three days after his rambling backpedaling post from last week.

Clark is sending his readers to an article by Robert Knight, who he falsely describes as a "well-respected policy expert," on the Concerned Women for America website.

To get an idea of the mentality of Knight and the CWA, after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, CWA accused same-sex partners of those killed of "trying to hijack the moral capital of marriage." CWA a couple years ago raised a ruckus over a gay Canadian couple that wanted to visit the U.S. together, calling the men "a new threat to border security" and "the latest pair of 'domestic terrorists.'"

The group has also accused the Harry Potter books of promoting the practice of witchcraft among children. It continues to amaze me that battles could be lost to people with this sort of mentality.

Anyway, Clark writes in his newsletter:

"Although this was not one of the legal reviews I had in mind when I mentioned this issue on Friday, it does include quotes from CWA's chief legal counsel about Governor Daniels' EEO policy."

He then points people to the article, which is the predictable hysterical drivel about "men in dresses" along with the usual healthy dose of sideways logic and general nonsense. The article also includes under the guise of educating its readers an "Appendix of Sexual Behaviors" at the end, in an obvious attempt to show that GLBT people are not the same as "normal" heterosexuals, but rather belong in the same group as shit-eating corpse fuckers.

While Clark, Eric Miller, and others have maintained a stranglehold on the spineless Republicans in the state legislature, since the close of the last session the gap between the religious right and moderate Republicans, in particular Gov. Daniels (who has stood by his non-discrimination policy), appears to be widening.

And Micah Clark continues to squirm.

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AUTHOR: bilerico

DATE: 6/20/2005 07:57:42 AM

That Robert Knight - he's one concerned woman all righty... So how sexist is it that the Concerned Women of America is led by a man? Well, I guess it makes sense when you go with their mentality - a woman should submit to her husband...