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GLBT discrimination

Filed By Bil Browning | June 20, 2005 1:52 PM | comments

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Please share your story!

Many in our city understand that there is still bias and prejudice out there... but not everyone believes that it exists...

With education and better laws we can create a community where all are treated fairly and diversity is embraced. You can help us achieve this by sharing your story.

If you have experienced prejudice in housing, employment, education, or other aspects of public life because of bias against the GLBT community, please tell City-County Councillors Jackie Nytes (D) or Scott Keller (R) about it. They will use your story as part of the effort to pass the revised Human Rights Ordinance in Indianapolis this fall.

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AUTHOR: Anonymous

DATE: 6/24/2005 04:37:38 PM

I'm passing this on to my partner. She was just told by her HR department head that is quitting that the reason she didn't get her promotion is because she didn't "look" like a manager. She said, of another person thought gay in the office, that that's the same reason they didn't get promoted either. My partner's soft butch. She's also been attacked at jobs for being gay. You know, the men wanting to "show her what she's missing." She's been lied to by the believed anti-gay manager of the store she was moved to. The woman sent her to another store saying she was being transferred. Her car broke down that day and she called the new store and told them. The next day she showed up and they said she was laid off. She filed for unemployment and they said she quit work. (The first time she quit was because she was sexually assaulted. I told the store when I picked up her check that they needed to FIRE that person but she didn't want to do anything about it. They rehired her and moved her.) When she called to find out why they lied, they said they didn't and hung up the phone on her. She had to mail back all of the checks and we lived paycheck to paycheck those months she looked for work. She didn't want to go and make an issue of it because it's a companies word over hers and the fact that she quit before made her look bad. At other jobs, she quit because guys tried to attack her because she was gay. This last episode of discrimination is blatently directed at her sexual orientation and what I suppose you could consider gender identity in her method of dressing (male) though she's simply butch. If these city-council members think this doesn't happen they need to think again. We deal with this shit on a continual basis. And they are doing what's "best" for us. Not hardly.