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Julia Carson is my representative to Congress. She held a "summit" a couple days ago with other top Democrats to give them hell about they way they've been voting on GLBT issues.
After gathering dozens of the most powerful Marion County Democrats -- from judges to lawmakers to City-County Council members -- Carson said some were voting on public opinion rather than on principle.

"I think that y'all are reading the wrong polls. . . . I see the erosion of the Democratic Party, which makes me nervous," Carson said at the Julia M. Carson Government Center on the Near Northside. "People want somebody who will stand up for their own convictions."

Carson referred to an April 25 vote by the City-County Council to kill a measure that would have prohibited gays and transgender individuals from being mistreated solely because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

My personal favorite is Steve Talley's bullshit line that no one had any tales of discrimination to share. First, how can there be any tales if no one is gathering them because it's legal? Secondly, I, personally, emailed Mr. Talley offering to share my tale of being the only successful case brought by the Bloomington Human Right Commission for sexual orientation discrimination. Mr. Talley never responded to my email. Maybe he just doesn't want to hear our stories. Maybe it's time we made him listen.

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AUTHOR: Anonymous

DATE: 6/04/2005 11:19:06 PM

Subject -Our Friends in the Democratic Party We've got to be sensible about the Democratic Party, irrespective of the clueless naiveté of the HRC and the Stonewall Clubs. The Democratic Party's leaders aren’t our allies – quite the opposite. Like Republicans, what truly matters to them is their stock in trade and chief product – votes they can sell and trade for money or privilege. It’s all about winning elections, brokering influence, and currying favor with the rich and powerful. In contrast the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities have a singular political target - equality - that’s the sum and substance of our 'secret agenda'. With it we win, without it we're in grave danger. In practice, the owners of the Democratic Party have a decisively different agenda confirmed by 200 years of duplicity and betrayal. Whatever the issue - slavery, labor struggles, voting and civil rights, imperial wars, the struggles of farmers, abortion or women’s rights, racism, homophobia, saving the victims of Nazism - you name it - the leaders and owners of the Democratic Party have been wrong. Look at their record. Bill Clinton and congressional Democrats approved ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and propelled the effort to pass the federal anti-gay marriage law. Kerry caved on gay marriage, paving the way for state anti-gay marriage laws. Michigan Democrats shamelessly betrayed us, stealing union benefits from gay families. In Montana, Democrats provided the crucial votes to defeat a much needed state anti-discrimination law. Minnesota, Democrats insured the victory of the anti-gay marriage amendment in the House even when some Republicans voted against it. In April the California Assembly defeated a bill to legalize same sex marriage, with 25% of the Democrats voting against it. Indianapolis Democrats recently helped defeat a basic anti-discrimination law, because it would 'cost too much' for businesses. Democrats are backing away as fast as those little chicken legs of theirs will carry them. Groping for an acceptable rationalization for their 2004 losing streak, they say they lost because they went too far supporting gays and lesbians?!? Senator Clinton, drooling at the thought of returning ‘home’ to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is cheerfully building ‘bridges’ to the christian right. Bill Clinton, who enthusiastically signed the federal anti marriage act, now warns that gay marriage is the 'kiss of death'. THE Democratic Party is represented by the braying jackass. It figures. They move rightwards and in lock step with Republicans. Both parties support the criminal murder of more than 100,000 civilians in their illegal oil war in Iraq. There over 1500 GI’s have died and more than 12,000 wounded. When push comes to shove they oppose gay marriage and full equality. They have no plans to stop the steady attacks on working people’s standards of living by the rich. Neither give a damn about African Americans, the problems of immigrants, Native Americans, women, or seniors. They coldly watch us choke on poisoned air, consume poisoned food and water and then hold out their hands for more lobbyist dollars. For a few more dollars they gut our health insurance and pension funds or outsource our jobs. As Ben Franklin said, "Money never made a man happy yet, not will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one." If you don't believe Benjamin Franklin, ask the Clintons. They know. Thats why the Democrats lost the election. It wasn’t the evangelical vote, the threat of gay marriage or their ‘discreet’ campaign for GLBT rights. They lost because they have the wrong answers to the big political questions. They’d have won if they’d campaigned for immediate and total withdrawal from Iraq, and wholeheartedly embraced trade union programs, marriage rights, immigrant rights, and women’s rights, and promised to curb the voracious greed of corporations and make racist and homophobic slanders a crime punishable with jail time. But they didn’t. They never will - it would 'cost too much'. On ‘important’ questions – read money, wealth, or privilege – the two parties line up shoulder to shoulder, a solid phalanx of felonious fakers whose greed and hunger for power are reliable tools used by the rich to guard their vested interests and prerogatives. For a century and a half, since Lincoln’s reelection in 1864, the American people have looked at elections, candidates and politics in an unimpressed, cynical frame of mind, sullenly substituting one 'lesser evil’ for the next one. The American people just can’t bring themselves to support these dismal frauds and neither should we. Progress comes when Democrats or Republicans are forced to make concessions as popular sentiment, backed by mass mobilizations, directly threatens their rule - when coerced they bargain and concede, wheel and deal. Don't waste you vote on your enemies. Find a local group building the union backed Labor Party, or contact their national office ( Bill PerdueLas Vegas, Nevada