July 14, 2005

Not Giving Up on HIV Vaccine

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I'm asked frequently if there will ever be a vaccine for HIV. I don't know, of course, but it's good to know that the scientific community continues to pursue one vigorously. With 13,000 new infections daily, our already-inadequate capacity...Read More

Time for the Religious Right to Get Serious

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Today's post from Micah Clark's American Family Association of Indiana leads off with the headline "Making Sure Your Money Does Not Undermine Your Values." The religious right has often advocated using their purchasing might to put the squeeze on...Read More

It's about liberty, stupid!

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At all times sincere friends of freedom have been rare, and its triumphs have been due to minorities...If hostile interests have wrought much injury, false ideas have wrought still more; and [true liberty's] advance is recorded in the increase...Read More


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Off my political horse, for the nonce: After eleven months "living in my truck", I have a place. I put "living in my truck" in quotes, because thanks to friends and cheap motels, I have almost never actually slept...Read More