August 7, 2005

Further Reflections from Black Pride

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Like Bil, I too believe Black Pride will grow. And it should. The organizers, skillfully led by Robert Ferguson, did a wonderful job in every way. Most impressive to me was their message of inclusion, their passionate advocacy for...Read More

Indiana Black Pride I

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In Indiana we write and worry a lot, I do, about a group of evil politician and other leaders who are bent on flouting the constitutions of this country and state. I will return to them, I am sure,...Read More

What I'm reading now

Filed by Bil Browning | August 07, 2005 | 10:01 AM | comments

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling ISBN: 0439784549 Jerame actually got to read this Harry Potter novel first, so I started it after he'd breezed through it. With a startling death and a budding romance,...Read More