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Outing -- Not a Hoosier Value

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Ok-- it's been forever since I have posted. But the summer was GOOD!

I have been reading the string of thought about various local and state politicians who are hypocritically gay in private and str8/religious Right in public. It reminds me of sitting at a local cafe and playing the "Is he or isn't he? " game. Ok.. I do that way too much. Actually I have given up on trying to find out, since I live in Lafayette, and I pretty much know all the GLBT folks.

But on the side of politicans, I think we need to be very wary. First, we have all been wrong about someone at some time. And trying to pin this label on someone-- when it is not true -- or UNPROVABLE -- seems desperate and will only engender support for the very person we want to hurt. And that is the point right?

Outing someone means you want them to suffer for being gay -- AND acting against the interests of the GLBT community. You want them to stop being able to hurt our families- which means they should lose their job or position or the support of the Right. I actually support that -- even though the person might be going through a tough time of denial and so forth -- IF they are concurrently supporting measures or stopping measures (like in Indy) which act upon our community.

BUT-- if you are going to out someone -- and now that includes the private postings/ musings on blogs and gayindy.com, since even the Indiana Legislative Forum is watching -- you'd better be DAMNED SURE you have the proof and the negatives. I personally know stories about local legislators in my own area that I wish I could prove... but simply cannot.

So, my warning would be to tread lightly on those toes unless you KNOW facts and have witnesses. Otherwise, we will once again be blindsided with an issue that takes the public focus off what we want -- full equality in employment, housing and opportunities for all GLBT Hoosiers and the ability to protect and support our families which comes through civil recognition of their status.

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AUTHOR: Tracy Elliott

DATE: 8/09/2005 10:59:44 AM

I might have more to say later (surprise!), but the bottom line is this: It's not about their sexual orientation; it's about their ethics. We all live with certain hypocrisies and internal contradictions. I did for a long time. But this particular hypocrisy among people in power doesn't only affect that person's private realm. If so, leave them alone. But it instead affects the well-being of entire groups of people. There are lies and damned lies. This is a damned lie.

AUTHOR: Anonymous

DATE: 8/09/2005 11:10:26 AM

Your statement, "Outing someone means you want them to suffer for being gay," is totally off the mark...For me, outing these sleaze bags is about calling-out the opportunists among us. Kay

AUTHOR: bilerico

DATE: 8/09/2005 12:14:45 PM

I think Randy makes an important point about having proof of a politician's private life. We can't just go around making accusations willy-nilly. We need to raise some serious money, hire an investigator and uncover some of the dirt. We need cold, hard facts. I know IAN is exploring these options currently; does anyone else have any suggestions on making this a reality?


DATE: 8/09/2005 04:03:28 PM

I support outing of politicians who are using the GLBT community to play wedge politics. But I agree with Randy's point as well. We can't out someone because they "act gay" or because "you think" he or she is gay. We out someone because we have proof. Photos, a credible ex lover, something.I don't support outing people for the sheer sake of outing them. My mantra is this: leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. But once a politician starts trying to limit my civil liberties, they'd better watch out and defend the skeletons in their closets.

AUTHOR: Jerame Davis

DATE: 8/09/2005 04:44:45 PM

Randy is right that we can't go making accusations without proof. But I disagree that this is anything about making anyone suffer for being gay. Instead, I believe we want them to suffer for their hypocrisy and ethical misdeeds, not for being gay.It's disgustingly hypocritical to vote against GLBT interests and then go home to your same-sex partner at night or go out to the clubs in another city picking up tricks.It isn't that we want them to suffer for being who they are...We're just tired of suffering at the hands of hypocrites and homophobes-of-convenience. It's one thing if you are morally opposed to homosexual existence when you vote for discrimination...It's something totally different when you're doing it just to save your political skin. And it's particularly vile when you are part of the community against which you are discriminating.


DATE: 8/09/2005 05:29:33 PM

Ok, all points well taken. I used a phrase poorly.. and you're right. As I tried to say... it's their actions not their orientation that matters.

Cell phone cams... Will work well.. When you're out and about remember to take the pics of those on the 'dwon low' who legislate hate and go out to party with LGBT Clubs etc. Easy not expensive..