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Rove is an evil genius, example # (Too many to count)

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Truism: Everything ShrubCo does is designed to do the following: 1) Transfer wealth to the rich from everyone else and/or 2) Distract the pilferees from the fact that #1 is taking place.

Enter Roberts.

Prior to his current judge job when he could be a member of such groups without having to recuse himself from hearing their cases, he was a stellar member of a group laughably titled the National Legal Center for the Public Interest, going so far as to serve on its Legal Advisory Council -- meaning he was one of their Big Brains Pointing the Way.

According to their mission statement, they're into "the rights of individuals, free enterprise, private ownership of property, balanced use of private and public resources, limited government, and a fair and efficient judiciary."

Sounds cool. But their history says they don't mean what you might think they mean when they say that. You can go to their website and check out what they mean in real terms for yourself or you can trust the Alliance for Justice when they say it's "shorthand for a conservative, anti-government legal agenda hostile toward environmental and worker protections." Either will lead to the same place.

Note, too, that, on his Senate Judiciary Circuit Court nomination questionnaire, Roberts owned up to regular participation in the activities of the Washington Legal Foundation, a group that puts the training provided by the NLCPI and others in how to screw the environment and American workers into practice in the courts.

Sounds like Roberts' nomination and the hoopla surrounding it has the distinction of accomplishing both ShrubCo Goal #1 and ShrubCo Goal #2. If I wasn't so busy trying to calm my crawling skin, I'd have time to be impressed.

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AUTHOR: Steph Mineart

DATE: 8/11/2005 12:12:35 PM

Ummm, they want "balanced use of private and public resources" and "limited government"??With a restricted government, who does the balancing of private and public resources? Oh, yeah, big business does. Sure, because they're honest.They say "limited government" without specifying how they want the government limited because they know the phrase appeals to people who want limited goverment in their personal affairs, when what they really mean is less government oversight of big business.People who write mission statements like this scare me.