September 7, 2005

What is this world coming to?

Filed by Edward Fox | September 07, 2005 | 6:51 PM | comments

Recently Jerry Falwell issued a statement in support of our struggle for the Human Rights Ordinance. (OK, that was not his intent, but that was the effect.) Yesterday California became the first state, without being compelled by a court,...Read More

Am I the only one?

Filed by Bil Browning | September 07, 2005 | 5:49 PM | comments

Am I the only one who finds humor in President Bush announcing that he'll lead his own investigation into the bungled botched debacle that is the Hurricane Katrina relief effort? Isn't that like OJ saying he'll find the real...Read More

Did "The Blade" cut too deeply?

Filed by Bil Browning | September 07, 2005 | 7:59 AM | comments

Steph from sent out this article to the gayindy mailing list. It helps bring Mitch Daniels, current Indiana governor and former White House Budget Director, into the Hurricane Katrina picture. Mike Parker, the former head of the Army...Read More

Bush's Base on Katrina

Filed by Ed Team | September 07, 2005 | 7:56 AM | comments

From a reader responding to a poll question of who is responsible for what went wrong in New Orleans in today's Fax Daily, a local fax newsletter: "God is cleansing the chosen nation of sin. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?...Read More