September 18, 2005

Lafayette Bashing...

Filed by Ed Team | September 18, 2005 | 9:08 PM | comments

Continuation--- as I left Crawdaddys .. I crossed Main Street -- a very friendly place now alive at night... and heard some young drunks leaving the Brew Pub across the street yellingh about how the place was filled with...Read More

Homo-Duty and Bashing!

Filed by Ed Team | September 18, 2005 | 8:51 PM | comments

Saturday was a day filled with what I like to call "Homo-Duties." As President of Lafayette's Citizens for Civil Rights ( , I headed down to Indy to attend the monthly Indiana Equality ( steering committee meeting. (CCR is...Read More

Baptists are too pro-gay?

Filed by Bil Browning | September 18, 2005 | 2:15 PM | comments

The PlanetOut Network is reporting that the American Baptist Churches USA (the more liberal brother to the better known and larger Southern Baptist Convention) may split over a divide on how to handle homosexuality. Apparently, while gays and lesbians...Read More