September 19, 2005

A change goin' come...

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | September 19, 2005 | 7:30 PM | comments

I was noticing this evening how sunset happened before 7 pm, then the wind blew a bit and ruffled the leaves on the tree in front of my front window the way they don't move when they're young leaves....Read More

“Ex-Gays” in the News Again

Filed by Seth Kreigh | September 19, 2005 | 5:48 PM | comments

As posted in the August 2005 Policy Update by SIECUS: Recent news stories have shed light on attempts by some organizations to “convert” gay, lesbian, and bisexual people through so-called “reparative therapy.” “Reparative therapy” or “conversion therapy” refers to...Read More

I just did an interview

Filed by Bil Browning | September 19, 2005 | 3:43 PM | comments

Linda Allen from Channel 6 WRTV (ABC) news in Indianapolis just left after interviewing me for their story on Indiana Equality's work on the Indianapolis Human Rights Ordinance. She says the story will air on tonight's news at 5:30....Read More

Indy star article about HRO

Filed by Bil Browning | September 19, 2005 | 2:58 PM | comments

Today's front page of the Indianapolis Star has an article about Indiana Equality's recent efforts to help pass a human rights ordinance for Indianapolis that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. The article has a couple of comments from...Read More

Religious Right Goes for Fool Me Twice

Filed by Ed Team | September 19, 2005 | 10:39 AM | comments

Even the dumbest of con artists knows better than to try the same scam on the same victim once their con game has been discovered. But such common sense has never stood in the way of the extreme religious...Read More