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An Unfortunate Milestone

Filed By Bil Browning | October 25, 2005 3:23 PM | comments

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Today marked a most unfortunate milestone in the War On Iraq. Two thousand American soldiers have died in ShrubCo's blood-for-oil scheme.

Bush's war hasn't decreased terrorism - it increased. It hasn't stabilized Iraq - it's destabilized the country. The people of Iraq are suffering, our soldiers are being killed, and the Monster in the White House keeps throwing more red meat into the grinder. And that meat is our fellow citizens with a nice top note of ground up Arab. After all, most soldiers come from relatively poor backgrounds - and the Iraqi civilians, well, American's wont miss a few less of "those" people.

So, please remind me why it is that Americans voted to allow this bastard to keep his job? Hoosiers voted overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the SOB in place! It's enough to make you cry; surely our fellow citizens aren't that stupid! (But then again, we also voted to put his Budget Director, Mitch "The Blade" Daniels, in charge of our Hoosier economy! And we can see how well that's worked out... The American economy has spiraled into a decline - and we wonder why Indiana ranks in the top five for jobs lost?)

Thankfully, things are looking up. All of the secrets and lies are catching up with ShrubCo and his popularity is sinking like a rock. Even Indiana now has a negative rating of the Squatter in the White House. As of polling done on October 17, the Presidential approval rating in Indiana is 44% (53% disapprove). The scandals involving Karl Rove, his top advisor, and Dick Cheney, the vice-president, are swirling and the black heart of the administration is being revealed.

Let's just hope (and work really hard!) to influence the 2006 mid-term elections. Democrats may not be the panacea to all of our problems, but they're not ShrubCo sheeple. And if we elect enough Democrats, we have the opportunity to impeach the maniac and restore our country to its former greatness in the world.

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Anonymous said...
November 2004 Exit Poll Shocker: 21%+ of Gays Voted for Bush 43. Within the margin of error, that's the same percentage voting for him in 2000!

The really hard work could begin here. Why do so few Bilerico contributors and readers ever address/engage the issues(which isn't to say that we don't enjoy reading those that do), still??

Anonymous said...
I'm all for regime change, but please don't forget that Clinton signed DOMA, and "Don't ask, don't tell." We need more people-first politicians, period. Not more politicians like Clinton and Bush who talk out of both sides of their mouths.