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State Senator Miller Attacks Reproductive Rights

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If you thought that Indiana's ridiculously backward General Assembly could not possibly get any worse, you might want to think again.

I received a "heads up" from Nuvo's Laura McPhee along with her permission to share excerpts of her news story that will appear in this week's Nuvo.

The draft of the article is titled "The Crime of 'Unauthorized Reproduction' --
New law will require marriage as a legal condition of motherhood"

Yes, you read that right. State Senator Pat Miller has proposed making it a crime for unmarried woman to become pregnant through artificial insemination. Here is an excerpt from Laura's upcoming article:

According to a draft of the recommended change in state law, every woman in Indiana seeking to become a mother through assisted reproduction therapy such as in vitro fertilization, sperm donation, and egg donation, must first file for a "petition for parentage" in their local county probate court.

Only women who are married will be considered for the "gestational certificate" that must be presented to any doctor who facilitates the pregnancy. Further, the "gestational certificate" will only be given to married couples that successfully complete the same screening process currently required by law of adoptive parents.

As the draft of the new law reads now, an intended parent "who knowingly or willingly participates in an artificial reproduction procedure" without court approval, "commits unauthorized reproduction, a Class B misdemeanor." The criminal charges will be the same for physicians who commit "unauthorized practice of artificial reproduction."

I'm not making this up. Senator Miller told Laura "we did want to address the issue of whether or not the law should allow single people to be parents. Studies have shown that a child raised by both parents - a mother and a father - do better. So, we do want to have laws that protect the children."

UPDATE 10-7-05: As this story is getting hundreds of hits a day, I thought I'd also share with our visitors some of the newer posts that addresses the "Unauthorized Reproduction" bill. --bilerico

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AUTHOR: Marla R. Stevens

DATE: 10/03/2005 11:18:28 PM

I always knew the woman was a zealot but I also thought she was at least sane.Either I'm going to have to rethink or she knows something about the new SCOTUS nominee I don't.

AUTHOR: Jeff Newman

DATE: 10/04/2005 09:03:12 AM

One of the national liberal blogs picked this one up also: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/10/3/213554/300One of the comments had an interesting suggestion: send Miller a turkey baster.


DATE: 10/05/2005 12:56:17 PM

You know, the more I think about it, the more it seems like we need a few states for religious zealots to go to.If few people in Indiana want to drop kick the people who proposed this out of of office, I think it's a great idea!The problem is that the federal government will want to get into the reproduction game as well, since it no longer feels any need to remain a Constitutional government of strict enumerated powers etc.Seriously, I think we need a few states for religious conservatives to be able to have their utopia, and then keep the federal government from passing B.S. like this on other people.

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