December 9, 2005

Dykes on Bikes Wins

Filed by Edward Fox | December 09, 2005 | 2:40 PM | comments

Dykes on Bikes just announced that they won the right to trademark their name. One for the good gals. Lesbian motorcycle brigade to get 'Dykes on Bikes' trademark...Read More

Talk about a niche market...

Filed by Seth Kreigh | December 09, 2005 | 4:33 AM | comments

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Seeking my history... Seeking myself...

Filed by Bruce Parker | December 09, 2005 | 4:05 AM | comments

Social Studies curriculum in public school erase the existence of queer people. Some small progress has been made in represenatations of women and racial minorities, however we still just don't exist. The damage this does to kids who understand themselves...Read More

Hung Like a Horse

Filed by Seth Kreigh | December 09, 2005 | 12:28 AM | comments

I never realized how far society's morals and values have been eroded until I read about drug addicted horses hanging their heads in shame. These are the types of hoodlums that prey on the weak in society and perpetuate the...Read More