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Steve Talley Supports 622

Filed By Bil Browning | December 10, 2005 11:44 PM | comments

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With the recent story in the Indianapolis Star, I'm proud to finally be able to say publicly that Steve Talley has flipped sides in the HRO battle. I have spoken with President Talley several times now. I have always found him to be forthcoming, affable, and concerned. Even though in a previous post I chastised him for not voting for the HRO the first time, I now have to say that I was wrong. Councilor Talley simply didn't think that discrimination was happening. When he realized it was happening, he immediately wanted more information and engaged on the topic.

Several meetings with small groups of gay, lesbian and transgender people changed his mind, Talley said, about the need for protection for gays. At those meetings, he said, people could share their perspective without fearing retaliation from their employer or landlord.

"I know there is discrimination," Talley said Thursday, but he doubted whether protections needed to written into law. "I learned it did. I always said I would be open to learning more about the issue."

Advance Indiana also had a very flattering post about the article. Many thanks to Gary for mentioning both Indiana Equality Region 8 and myself in the post. But don't let Gary fool you, he's put it a lot of time and effort on Prop 622 as well. *grins*

PFLAG Mom Extraordinaire and regular reader Marcia sent out the following "Mom" advice, "Thank Steve Talley for making the right decision! Tell him that he's right to vote to provide non-discrimination protections for our children. Let him know that we appreciate his efforts in taking the time to become educated about the issues. Make sure he understands that this is an important decision for our families' futures in our great city. You can email him at ."

Gotta love your mom. Please follow her advice - I'm sure it would be appreciated by Steve...

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And while you're thanking Steve Talley for seeking information and education on this issue, thank Bil for providing it. Bil's fairly modest here in this post, but don't let that fool you; he's been working tirelessly with all of the city-county council as have all of Indiana Equality Region 8 folks. We owe them all a huge debt for this work.

Absolutely, this is sure sounding like a done deal.

Thank you Bil and all other IE Region 8 members and supporters!