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As I'm sure most of you are aware now, I am the chair for Indiana Equality Region 8. Region 8 covers Indianapolis and the surrounding suburb counties. With the battle for Proposition 622 in full gear, things have been a little hectic for me lately. I apologize for not being able to update the site as regularly as I usually do.

Proposition 622 would update the Indianapolis Human Rights Ordinance. One of the many changes proposed for the ordinance, would be the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity. Ft. Wayne, Bloomington, Lafayette, West Lafayette and Michigan City already include sexual orientation in their laws, but no city has yet to add gender identity. Bloomington is currently considering adding gender identity, but it has been stalled by city leadership.

The ordinance has been getting lots of press lately - both in the paper and online... With so many other things to do right now, I thought I'd just provide you with a handy reference to what other people are saying about the HRO. After all, you've heard enough from me... For a handy rundown on all of the latest posts about Prop 622, be sure to check out the Indiana Blog Review.

The Indianapolis Star has come out with two very positive articles about Prop 622 since I last updated the site. Matt Tulley's column "Republicans better heed businessmen on gay rights" is a must-read. Tulley points out how out-of-step some of the backward Republican council members are and takes Jim Bradford (R) to the woodshed for trying to get Scott Keller (R) thrown out of the party for co-sponsoring Prop 622 and announcing he would change his vote on police consolidation. Tulley calls it a "Stupid, stupid move." Bigotry just isn't pretty, is it?

The other article, "Opinions and some threats flood council as gay rights vote looms", details how the radical right has taken to threatening the councilors if they are considering voting in favor of Prop 622. I even have a small blurb in this piece. Taking Down Words has a great post on this article - and includes their own smack-down for Bradford.

And for those of you who aren't that familiar with the public face of the other side of this debate, meet Jim Bradford. Here are his comments on the news that someone in the GOP ranks would support the ordinance:

"'We have two council members [Republican co-sponsors Scott Keller and Lance Langsford] who have sold their souls and abandoned what the constituents in their districts desire,' Bradford said. 'It appears both have made a deal with the devil, and the majority of Indianapolis residents are going to be stuck with the results.'"

In order to get the full effect of Bradford's delivery, imagine the relative at family gatherings who drinks one too many glasses of egg-nog and starts gesticulating wildly about how he doesn't understand how the world got all effed up on his watch. Oh, and if you can mentally incorporate a goofy prop (see also: running shoes, Grinch doll, etc.), you'll have Jimmy's public persona down pat.

Finally, Advance Indiana has a post about the Indiana Family Institute's last desperate attempt to influence the council to support discrimination. IFI has hired a Virginia company to bombard Marion County residents with phone calls aimed at spreading misinformation and fear.

The ordinance comes before the full council for a vote this Monday at 7pm. (Get there early for a good seat!) If you haven't already e-mailed your councilor to tell them to support Prop 622, please do so now!

I predict that Proposition 622 will pass with overwhelming support. Region 8 will be hosting a victory celebration afterwards - stayed tuned for details on location. I hope to see all of you Monday night!

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The remarks about Bradford being like the relative that's had too much egg nog is completely accurate.

He's become the court jester of the city-county council...

This guy is planning on running for treasurer. Do we want this spoiled, bag of wind corrupting that office also?