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A Man's Guide to Brokeback Mountain

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With a hat tip to Faded Boxers from which I stole this copy. It's a great site - you should check it out.

A Man's Guide to Brokeback Mountain

Q: What's this movie about?

A: It's about love, and how such a love can survive in a society that condemns it.

Q: Ah, just like Romeo & Juliet?

A: Yes, it's very similar Romeo & Juliet.

Q: Hey Olivia Hussy showed her titties in that movie. This is going to rock!


Q: Uh, dude? I have another question.

A: Ask away my good man.

Q: Well it's already 20 minutes into the movie and I still don't see any chicks.

A: Yes?

Q: Well, how can it be a love story without chicks?

A: You are aware that love can exist between a homosexual couple are you?

Q: Holy Shit! Are you telling me this movie's about lezzies? This is going to rule!


Q: Grandmother of Holy Fucks! That is just wrong! Those two dudes are kissing each other! What the fuck is happening here?

A: Um, dude? This is not a lesbian movie.

Q: You mean to say that they're--

A: Yes.

Q: And they're going to--

A: Yes.

Q: Oh God I think I'm going to puke.


A: You haven't said a word in over an hour. Are you alright?

Q: Shhhh! You're ruining it.

A: Sorry.

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