Julien A. Sharp

What Do Extremists Think of Uber-Extremists?

Filed By Julien A. Sharp | February 27, 2006 9:07 AM | comments

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My first post here, and I'm going to keep it short.

Today, I'm thinking about Fred Phelps and his church wacko followers family members that travel around, protesting the funerals of fallen servicemen from Iraq and Afghanistan.

There's a part of me that wonders if they actually might be helping our side, just a little bit. I would guess that even George W. Bush, Eric Miller and Brian Bosma cringe when they turn on CNN and see Mrs. Phelps outside a funeral, screaming at a grieving mother and telling her that her child died and went to hell because America supports gays. This is the extreme of their own ideology, and it has to be embarrassing, don't you think?

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Welcome to bilerico... Your post reminded me of a couple different moments from The West Wing. The democratic administration kept some of the republican extremists in office for the very reason you explain above. Saying that everytime something crazy was done by one of them they could slap it into a fundraiser letter for the DNC and money just rolled in and also the episode they dedicated to 9/11 talked about how the terrorists are extremists like the KKK was to Christianity. Anyways, welcome and I look forward to sharing (cyber)space with you.


I think you might be on to something there, with Phelps being an unintended help to our cause -- but I'd pass up the benefit in a minute to watch him get murdered by grieving angry parents.

Welcome to bilerico, Scott! I knew you'd be good for comments! *grins* I hope you grow your fanbase here as big as you have on your own site!

As for the extremists, while they're annoying to us and ours, I have to agree that they're also a boon. It's hard to defend a nutjob, and the right doesn't even try with Phelps - but he still represents them to lots of people.