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Lest We Forget: Child Porn Legislation Not Always What It Claims To Be

Filed By Marla R. Stevens | May 10, 2006 4:29 AM | comments

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It's no secret that I'm a staunch opponent of child pornography and other forms of child sexual abuse. I've risked much to expose abusers and taken an active role in passing legislation to deal with the problem. But I've always fought simultaneously to keep that legislation narrowly tailored to that purpose and fought, usually successfully, to keep legislation in my sphere of influence from overreaching by using the penalties and tactics appropriate to stop child predators against the illegal acts of mere consenting adults with each other, much less the legal and often good acts involving sexual subjects, including HIV and sexuality education and just plain old adult pleasure.

As Attorney General Gonzales and the issue of child pornography on the internet have been much in the news of late, it wouldn't hurt to revisit the last overreach this administration pushed in a sleazy attempt to use the best desires of all decent people to protect the weak to accomplish a far broader, by no means all laudable goal. Make no mistake about it, they want to get that unconstitutional trash reinstated.

I encourage you to communicate to your Congressional representatives that you support strong enforcement against traffickers in children and child pornography but that legislation must be crafted so as not to weaken the First Amendment nor reward the Dominionists with yet another step into the mire of invasive hyper-Calvanism run amok.

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