June 29, 2006

Action Open 'Til Midnight PDT

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | June 29, 2006 | 3:42 PM | comments

Lament that your checkbook balance doesn't allow you to make big campaign contributions to pro-civil marriage equality candidates? Act now and you could help earn a really great one a $5000 contribution from Virginian Mark Warner's pre-Prez 2008 group. They've...Read More

Long Live Justice Stevens

Filed by Ellen Andersen | June 29, 2006 | 3:14 PM | comments

The Supreme Court has just handed down Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, ruling that the military tribunals established by the Bush administration violate both U.S. military law and the Geneva Conventions (which, as a treaty, has the same legal status as the...Read More

Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

Filed by Sheila S. Kennedy | June 29, 2006 | 10:17 AM | comments

As I write this, a Senate committee is wrangling over a variety of provisions in a Telecommunications bill. Most citizens--if they are aware of this bill at all, which is doubtful--will look at the technical nature of the legislation and...Read More

Break out the beer, the future Dos Equis* have arrived!

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | June 29, 2006 | 5:18 AM | comments

Advance Indiana pointed out that the Exodus losers have arrived at Indiana Wesleyan. Doncha just luv 'em? They constantly belittle gay people, creating a subclass of walking wounded among us, then "rescue" the ones they've hurt by making them feel...Read More