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Action Open 'Til Midnight PDT

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Lament that your checkbook balance doesn't allow you to make big campaign contributions to pro-civil marriage equality candidates? Act now and you could help earn a really great one a $5000 contribution from Virginian Mark Warner's pre-Prez 2008 group.

They've whittled a list of 200 Democrat challenger nominees in federal and gubernatorial races down to 40 and phase 2 voting to choose the phase 3 finalists ends tonight, with each of the top 5 vote getters in each half of he country getting $5000 for winning phase 2.

One of the phase 2 survivors is the Colorado 6th district challenger to evil Rep. Tancredo, Bill Winter, a former Marine and Navy TOPGUN aircraft expert who put himself through law school and also taught school, is one of the most honest people I've ever known. If he tells you something, you can bank on it and he gets things done. He believes deeply in equality under the law for all people and has proudly and publicly commited to support for civil marriage equality as one example of that.

Other pro-marriage equality candidates on the list include:


Patty Wetterling, who's running for Minnesota's open 6th district seat against the whacky author of that state's anti-marriage amendment, State Sen. Michelle Bachmann;

Coleen Rowley, Minnesota's 2nd district says, "I believe that government should not dictate to churches on who may or may not get married-and churches should not dictate to the government about who should or should not be allowed the civil rights of life-partnership." She's the Time Woman of the Year FBI agent who tried to get them to pay attention to her info that Moussaoui was trying to learn to fly passenger jets without learnig to land them.

Lt. Col. Jay Fawcett, Air Force Academy grad, Gulf War vet, and running against James Dobson's hand-picked candidate from Colorado's 5th district, smack dab in the middle of anti-gay Ground Zero. He's got the second funniest campaign commercial I've ever seen, where he's Captain America giving a big shiner to Dobson narrated by a Jib-Jabesque version of Katie Couric. I haven't personally talked with him about his marriage equality views but fellow Coloradan pro-marriage equality candidates Angie Paccione and Bill Winter both have assured me he'll come through for us;

Dr. Bill Durston, from California's 3rd district, who is such a foe of the FMA that his gives it a prominent place on his website (and has big fans in the gay caucus of their statehouse delegation);


Pickings in the other half of the country are not so good on this list of choices but, as Spencer Tracy said to Katherine Hepburn, "what there is is 'cherce'!"

Lois Murphy, 6th district, Pennsylvania, has been a staunch advocate for LGBT people for longer than I've known her, which is decades.

David Gill, 15th district, Illinois, is positively inspiring:

The future of gay marriage in America depends on the choices we make today. Americans must choose between representatives who will make laws based on fear and representatives who will fight for our civil rights. America's gay marriage debate begins when we ask ourselves, "What am I afraid of?" I do not fear gay marriage. I believe that my marriage to my one-and-only wife of 18 years, Polly, will not lose its sanctity if we treat all Americans equally. It worries me greatly that our government will begin using fear-based laws to limit the personal freedoms of others guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. I do not want my children, Louis, Tally, and Holden to grow up in a country where inequality in any manner is acceptable. Denying equality to any individual American because of race, creed, gender, or sexual-orientation undermines all our personal and religious freedoms. One thing we can agree on, regardless of our stance on gay marriage, is that every American should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Congress must uphold the basic freedoms that our Constitution guarantees each tax-paying citizen, but also respect the rights of religious organizations that choose not to recognize the union of same-sex couples. America has never been a country to live in fear, and I am confident that our firm belief in the Bill of Rights will conquer this fear before it is too late. As your next representative, my vote will always be in favor of our freedom.

Carol Gay, New Jersey's 4th district, has been fighting for us for as long as I can remember. Hers is an earned trust. She doesn't just give lip service to our rights, she actively puts them into practice.

Voting for the big winners in Round 3 starts tomorrow and ends on July 10. You don't have to have voted in an earlier round to vote in a later one. Only one ballot per person, please.

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Marla R. Stevens | July 1, 2006 6:56 AM

Winter made the finals and got the $5000, moving from 6th to 3rd place in the West on final evening. Thanks to those of you who helped him get there.

Round 3 is now open. Visit the website (see the article above) for more information.