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Computers for Angie

Filed By Marla R. Stevens | June 20, 2006 12:32 AM | comments

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Angie Paccione has won a hotly contested primary and is now running against one of the RPE's standard bearers in the U.S. House, Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO 4th Dist). Marilyn has been the House author of the FMA and now is the author of HJR 88, Marriage (Special Rights for Hets) Protection Amendment (MPA). Angie's an experienced state legislator with a history of winning tough elections. Besides the usual campaign donations, she's seeking loans of computers (less than 3 years old with a USB port and CD-R, minimum) for the duration of the campaign. If you have a spare you can live without for four months, her campaign could use it. Every dollar they save on computers is another dollar they can spend on voter outreach. Call Andy at (970) 308-0787 if you can loan one to the campaign.

Angie recently put out a press release that takes Musgrave to task in no uncertain terms about marriage equality.

Read it, if only as an example of what a person who is truly qualified to lead says despite being in a race against the full forces of the RPE movement -- and right from Ground Zero at that! Would that Evan Bayh would use phrases such as "making a mockery of the Constitution"! Wouldn't you be delighted if "Just whose marriage wil be saved by [insert name of antigay senator here]?" issued from his lips or if he termed the amendment "utterly disingenuous, discriminatory, and dishonorable", "pathetic", or a "personal obsession"? Can you imagine how many fewer gay teens would try to off themselves if our spineless leader told it like it is, saying that we're "scapegoat[s]", "someone [the RPE's favored legislators] could lay the blame on for all of [their] shortcomings and all the nation's problems", and that gays are "decent, hardworking Americans minding their own business" and, as such, only attacked by political cowards?

Angie also has taken a stand against DenialOMAs, both federal and state. She's the real deal and Musgrave is vulnerable because she's spent much time orchestrating hate, ignoring her consituents' needs in the bargain.

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