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As some of you may be aware, I'm in the process of moving; hence, I've been listening to a lot of music from my collection while I pack boxes. The following are my 12 (I couldn't decide which two to leave out) Rainy Sunday Packing songs.

1. Cherry Blossom Girl - Air
A French electronica duo

2. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

3. Fight Test - The Flaming Lips
The eclectic group from Oklahoma City...I'm still disappointed that I missed their last show at The Vogue.

4. Gold In The Air Of Summer - Kings of Convenience
An excellent, mellow duo from Norway

5. Scary World Theory - Lali Puna
An electro-pop group from Munich, Germany

6. Part of the Process - Morcheeba
British brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey are pioneers of trip-hop. Last year, Skye Edwards was replaced by Daisy Martey...not sure how I feel about the change, but we'll see...

7. Of Minor Prophets And Their Prostitute Wives - Pedro the Lion
FYI - The name comes from one of, Seattle native and former hardcore punk, David Bazan's potential children's book characters.

8. Teenage Angst - Placebo
This androgynous, British punk band is one of my all time favorites...I'm a very loyal fan.

9. The District Sleeps Alone - The Postal Service
FYI - This band's name comes from the fact that member Jimmy Tamborello (Los Angeles) would send Ben Gibbard (Seattle) CD-Rs with electronic music via the US Postal Service. Gibbard would then write melodies and lyrics and record vocals.

10. Mistress - Red House Painters
Their music is like a tortoise on quaaludes; however, I really miss this band...Mark Kozelek just isn't the same with Sun Kil Moon.

11. Welcome To My Party - Rusted Root
Sounding as though they come from Africa, most people are surprised to learn that this group is actually from Pittsburgh. They have strong African and Latin American influences in their music.

12. Adagio - Safri Duo
I found this band while I was in Germany about 5 years ago. With the exception of my music collection, I hadn't heard this band since that summer...until this past Memorial Day when I was at Kings Island and heard their song Played-A-Live as the soundtrack on one of the games in the arcade. Who would've thought?

By the way, I'm well aware of the fact that I'm a complete nerd for knowing most of the information that I know. To be fair, I did do some fact checking on bands' websites to make sure that my stories were correct and I was spelling names correctly...but how can I not be a fan of Pedro the Lion or The Postal Service and not be curious about where their names came from? Likewise, how can I not be interested to know how a Pittsburgh group sounds like they've just come from an African tribal village? Regardless, enjoy!

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