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Thanks for the kind words

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You know, I was really surprised at how many people stopped me yesterday as I was working at the IE kiosks to tell me how much they appreciated Thanks gentle readers! The biggest shock though, was how many of you said that "Songs for Sunday" is your favorite regular post of the week. And the point was well taken by those of you who asked for more Songs posts from past participants like Ellen, Bruce and Jennifer. Consider the word passed on...

I started to try to give readers a little insight into the regular lives of Indiana's activist community - a little more than you get to see at organizational events, mailing list postings and press releases. I like being able to show the human side of our community... And so many of you responded yesterday to comment that, yes, you do like being able to see what books so-and-so is reading or what music they listen to at home. You like seeing what articles we found important enough to share, what our thoughts are on the top news stories and, yes, you love the cartoons!

We'll try to keep up the same level of commitment to bringing you not just the news on what's happening around the state and nation, but to bring that human touch to them - to share not only how it's important, but why it's important to us as individuals.

Thanks for reading We appreciate each and every one of you!

(And for those of you who don't know - the new readers or whatnot - the way to pronounce bilerico is at the top of the site on the banner. If that doesn't help - lets see if this does: BILL-AIRY-KO Accent on the second part. As a few of you found out, it's not BILLY-RICO.)

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I didn't think to stop by and say 'hi' because of the blog. That would've been a good idea, but I've never seen you, so I'm not sure how that would've worked!

Anyway, I would like to know if anyone got a good picture of the "love the shrimper, hate the shrimp" sign, and the one next to it "the shrimper agenda" or whatever that one said. Those were such a hoot! I tried to take a picture, but I didn't want to give the rest of the signs on that corner any satisfaction of being noticed! That picture was from too far away to be able to read the details of the shrimper agenda. I'm dying to know what it is since I still haven't gotten my copy of the homosexual agenda.