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A day full of lap dances

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Yesterday Jerame and I took the plunge. We'd talked it over with our daughter and she felt the same. Don't get me wrong - buying a house and moving in is exciting and wonderful. With the three of us and our two dogs, the house is busy and full of energy. But something was missing...

A house is not a home without a kitty cat.

When we knew we were going to buy the house, I kept telling Jerame and Paige that my "housewarming" present to myself was going to be adopting another cat. I even narrowed it down to a few specifics. I wanted a male cat. Orange or orange and white. Talkative. A lover. Playful. I was specific and determined. I wasn't in a hurry - the right cat would find me and fate would take it from there.

So earlier last week I was browsing through (Shelters post their animals available for adoption there. NEVER buy a pet from a breeder - rescue a poor soul who will be put to sleep instead!) when I came across this ad. I've been cruising Petfinder for a while now and I've never seen an ad up for an individual foster parent like this one. I was curious and showed the ad to Jerame and Paige. Paige thought the little guy was incredibly cute and wanted to go bring him home immediately. Jerame (who's not a big cat lover) was less impressed but said to contact the foster parents if I wanted to.

We set up a day for Jerame and I to come over and visit with our potential roommate (Paige is spending the week at her mom's house). As soon as we walked in the room that our little friend was in, Jerame's face lit up like a Christmas tree. He was smitten.

Our new roommate's name is Mr. Kennedy (we haven't decided if we're going to rename him). He's a fluffy bundle of love too. He met all of my requirements except for the "orange" part - but grey comes in second place in my favorites list and being long haired makes up for the lack of bright color. He's an avid talker - he's kept the conversation going all day today. He's ever-so loving - jumping in laps and giving us lots of ankle rubs.

However, Mr. Kennedy isn't used to dogs. We were a little worried about how the three would interact. We joked with his foster parents that Mr. Kennedy's predecessor had ruled the roost with an iron fist. Rikki was hateful and crotchety and made sure the dogs kept their place. We told them that all Mr. Kennedy would have to do was look at the dogs and they'd bow down. Mr. Kennedy, however, isn't content with just looking...

He has completely made the house his home. He didn't hide out like most cats do when introduced to a new environment. He explored everything and quickly came nose-to-nose with the dogs. With a quick hiss and paws that came directly from the Matrix, he dispatched poor old Fritz to hiding in the corner. Frieda's come-uppance came later, but she got it too. "Come too close" was the message "and I'll make this serious." Still, they're dogs, right? They'll come back for more. They'll defend their territory.

Hardly. They're both cowed completely. Mr. Kennedy has established the pecking order without exception. All day today I've been circled by land sharks swimming around my desk chair as I worked. First Fritz would jump in my lap to escape the hissing and circling kitty. When I'd get tired of holding him, I'd put him on the floor only to have Frieda jump up. Back and forth. It got really bad though when Mr. Kennedy realized what was going on and wanted in on the action. So for about an hour, my lap was a constant merry-go-round of rotating animals. Each got their time and lovings and as soon as paws hit the floor another critter was up and demanding attention.

Mr. Kennedy has even helped me post to the blog today. The post about the IBJ article took about twice as long to type as usual since he had to walk on the keyboard, sit on the laptop and block the screen. And the whole time, he kept up the yowling and talking and smiling - content in his superiority and comfortable that he was finally installed as the king he always knew he was.

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Marla R. Stevens | July 24, 2006 5:33 PM

Congratulations, Mr. Kennedy (what a charming name), for having the feline good taste to choose such a fine family to adopt -- even if they do have two D-words. May they never ruffle your lovely grey coat.

R. Kennedy | July 24, 2006 7:40 PM

Interesting name I must say. Congrats on the new family member.