October 20, 2006

Today's blogger forum

Filed by Bil Browning | October 20, 2006 | 6:06 PM | comments

Russell Brown, David Orentlicher and John Barnes face off with the bloggers. That's the back of my head there in the picture. The blogger forum I put together was today. Dr. David Orentlicher (Incumbent - House district 86), John...Read More

Gay cliches

Filed by Ellen Andersen | October 20, 2006 | 4:40 PM | comments

I've decided to start collecting gay cliches. One of my personal favorites is the dead, evil lesbian cliche. You know the one: if a lesbian is portrayed on TV or in the movies, odds are that she'll either be dead...Read More

Brizzi Vs. Kennedy

Filed by Chris Douglas | October 20, 2006 | 12:17 PM | comments

The Marion County Prosecutor's race in my opinion is between two good candidates. That said, I believe that current Prosecutor Carl Brizzi is an individual whose successful re-election would, in a year of Republican defeat, send a powerful message to...Read More

On Voting Republican

Filed by Chris Douglas | October 20, 2006 | 10:23 AM | comments

I'm hearing it regularly now, a sentiment with which I sympathize, not only from gay Republicans, but from straight Republicans who long since have begun rethinking their affiliation with the Republican Party. . From a die-hard Republican married woman living...Read More

Those legal beagles!

Filed by Don Sherfick | October 20, 2006 | 7:53 AM | comments

For those of you puzzled and weary over the meaning of "the legal incidents of marriage" in the proposed Indiana amendment, take a break to contemplate this serenely blissful representation of "The Beagle Incidents of Marriage". [Sorry, I find puns...Read More

Funniest Line of the day

Filed by Linda Perdue | October 20, 2006 | 6:24 AM | comments

From BuzzFlash: in reference to Bush's equating Iraq with Vietnam: The difference between Iraq and Vietnam is that Bush had an exit strategy for Vietnam....Read More