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First Republicans Mixer and Meet-n-Greet with Carl Brizzi

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Calling all First Republicans, old-line Republicans, young Republicans, pro-business Republicans, fiscal-conservative-strong-on-defense-socially-moderate Republicans, glbt Republicans, Republican women, and even once-was-a-Republican-but-can-hardly-stand-the-Party-now Independents!

Added together, we are the future of the Republican Party in Indianapolis. Our city needs a strong Republican Party dedicated to progress.... and a strong, vibrant, and forward-looking Republican Party needs us. It's time we got to know each other and next Thursday is our chance!

(Warning: Intra-Republican partisan message follows. Reading may cause apoplexy among some Democrats. Proceed cautiously.)

First Republicans will be hosting a mixer and candidate meet-n-greet in association with Indiana Log Cabin Republicans from 5:30 to 7:00 pm on Thursday, November 2nd at "120 West", the bar and grill located in the Hilton Hotel at 120 West Market Street. This event will be a great opportunity to get out, socialize, learn about First Republicans and Log Cabin, and meet personally Carl Brizzi, our outstanding current and future Marion County Prosecutor! (We expect several other important candidates to be in attendance as well.)

Please forward this information to everyone -- friends, colleagues, voters, and candidates alike -- who you think share our Principles, and invite them along; we look forward to seeing you there! (RSVP not necessary, but very helpful, by e-mail to

(From our Principles: FIRST REPUBLICANS BELIEVE that individual initiative and the free enterprise system have given this nation an economy second to none, improved standards of living, and alleviated human suffering. Free enterprise and individual initiative must be enabled, protected, and promoted.
FIRST REPUBLICANS BELIEVE in equal rights, equal protection, equal justice, equal opportunity and equal responsibilities for all people, regardless of race, religion, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or national origin.
FIRST REPUBLICANS BELIEVE that America's future prosperity hinges on restrained government and taxation that is fair, responsible and limited.)

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(Warning: Commonsense Democratic voter comment follows. Reading may activate critical thinking skills among some queer First-Republicans as well as Republicans-First queer folk.)

For the record, this lifelong Democrat absolutely agrees with every single principle associated / listed as a 'First Republicans' value. A sampling follows:

Individual initiative: strongly support equal access to voting rights - strongly opposed restrictive GOP sponsored voter ID law

Free-enterprise: strongly support our / USA historically MIXED Capitalist economy - strongly oppose GOP supported unrestricted privatization initiatives

Equal rights: strongly support ratification of the equal rights amendment and gay rights - strongly oppose GOP sponsored constitutional amendment meant to deny equal rights to gay couples

Equal protection: strongly support universal healthcare efforts - strongly oppose GOP policy to stop universal healthcare

Equal opportunity: strongly support affirmative action policies - strongly oppose GOP efforts to end affirmation action policy

Equal responsibilities: strongly support same sex marriage initiatives - strongly oppose GOP effort to deny accountability and rights for same sex couples/families

Freedom of religion: strongly oppose government-sponsored prayer - strongly oppose GOP initiatives to breakdown the separation of state and religion

Restrained government: strongly support non- military intervention initiatives - strongly oppose GOP 'shoot first, ask later' policy

Fair taxation: strongly support progressive taxation - strongly oppose GOP supported tax give-a-ways to big business (oil) and top-tier wage earners / citizens

Chris Douglas | October 31, 2006 4:48 PM

Very good, Kay. We might agree on more than you might imagine.

Now, here's my question: YOU strongly oppose, as you have indicated. And you may find that that First Republicans strongly oppose many things that YOU strongly oppose.

But so far, I haven't seen the DEMOCRATRIC PARTY engage in strong opposition of the right wing of the Republican Party on social issues, though I have seen the strong opposition on some economic issues.

The absence of a principled organization speaking out against right wing trespass upon the rights of individuals is one reason why First Republicans has stepped to the plate.

What's more, First Republicans is attempting to address a much broader audience. Are you militating within the Democratic Party to produce principled statements of opposition to the social agenda of Republican far right? It would certainly be our hope that by having a Republican organization speak up forcefully, that others will find their voice too.