Ellen Andersen

Hostettler Ad Reaches New Lows

Filed By Ellen Andersen | October 25, 2006 2:38 PM | comments

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Tags: attack ads, John Hostettler, LGBT community, Republicans

Less than two weeks before the election and now the gloves are really starting to come off. Check out the new ad Hostettler has out. The centerpiece: Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and the gay agenda. According to the voice-over, if Democrats take over the U.S. House: "Pelosi will then put in motion her radical plan to advance the homosexual agenda, led by Barney Frank, reprimanded by the House after paying for sex with a man who ran a gay brothel out of U.S. Rep. Frank's home." Has Hostettler no shame at all?

(Editor's note: You can hear the radio commercial by clicking here.)

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I edited your post slightly, Ellen, to include a link to the radio ad. I uploaded it to the server so folks could hear it for themselves.

You're right - it's disgusting. But, then again, so is Hostettler.

I grew up in that district and my entire family is still there and I have to say that unfortunately, that ad will be effective with many of those folks.