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Hostettler has "essentially given up on his re-election bid"

Filed By Jerame Davis | October 17, 2006 3:45 PM | comments

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HPR has the buzz:

Informed and reliable Republican sources are telling HPR that U.S. Rep. John Hostettler has essentially given up on his re-election bid. The sources say that Hostettler has informed key Republican allies in Vanderburgh County that he is suspending most of his campaign activities. The sources tell HPR that he came to this conclusion in the last couple weeks.

What do you think?

UPDATE: So, Hostettler has responded to the HPR report with this meme (Thanks to TDW for the update):

"My 12 years of experience with Brian Howey and his so-called 'Report' is that if I could buy either of them for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth, I would never have to hold another fundraiser for the rest of the times I would ever want to run for the House, the Senate, or the White House," Hostettler's statement said. "And, no, this is not an announcement about any future plans for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at this time."

He has such a way with words, doesn't he?


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I heard this same report about Hostetler on NPR this afternoon.

And I heard the Republicans are pulling $$ out of Ohio. The analysis was that they don't want to lose the House by more than 5 or 6 so they're focusing on where they really feel they can win.

I heard the same thing about Ohio last week.

I wish I could find the article now (I'll look and try to post it.) The NY Times had a piece about how if the Dems win the House, they'll win big.

Anti-Republican sentiment is at an all time high. Let's hope it holds for a month.

Uh, Jerame, we can HOPE this is all true, but John has been his own campaign manager every election.

He's just dumped ab out three hundred thousand pieces of direct mail at a cost of $.40 per piece, or close to it...which should hit mail boxes tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Giving up? We could only hope so. This man won't suspend his campaign until midnight Nov. 7. His campaign employs a cousin and his sister, and judging by their written work product, they're gonna have a hard time getting jobs.

I think Johnny Ho (all apologies to TDW for stealing her nickname!) knows the writing is on the wall. He's a complete nutcase. His defeat will be the best news of the election cycle!


Don't believe a word of it; it's a ploy intended to make the Ellsworth campaign feel complacent and get lax in their GOTV. Lieberman did the exact same thing before the primary, leaking to the press that the campaign had given up on the primary and would focus on the election, while actually ramping up their efforts on the sly.

Besides, have you ever heard of an incumbent giving up on their own election 3 weeks out?

Rick Sutton | October 17, 2006 8:35 AM

You have your "best news," and I have mine: the eternal hope that Pat Bauer gets struck by lightning and realizes that any vote on The Amendment is a foolish waste of time.

A guy can hope, can't he?

Ironically, Hostettler is the only Republican member of Congress from Indiana to vote against the federal marriage amendment to ban same-sex marriages.

U R right, Gary. Odd, huh?

But he's battier than hell on just about everything else. This nutcase even tried to carry a gun on a plane, as I recall...very Vance Hartke-ish.

Rick Sutton | October 17, 2006 4:02 PM

Jerame and Bil--another hope dashed.

Ho just denoucned Howey and denied all abandonment rumors.

They were just taking, uh, a long nap.

Or something.