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National House Republican Campaign Committee: Go Home to Washington

Filed By Chris Douglas | October 11, 2006 9:22 PM | comments

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The National House Republican Campaign Committee is flooding our airwaves with ads attacking Hill on behalf of Sodrel. For what? Refusing at some time to back a national anti-gay marriage amendment that couldn't even find a majority in the Republican senate, and refusing to back an amendment to the Constitution banning flag burning.

Until these ads ran, was any serious voter in Indiana placing a priority on stopping flags from being burned? Both that and same sex marriage rank consistently near the bottom of voter priority. Could any voter contemplating serious issues, such as the progress of the war in Iraq, the over-commitment and under-funding of government programs, the expansion of nuclear capabilities into North Korea and Iran, not feel patronized by ads of such patently ridiculous content?

Dogs, cats, and children may be distracted by toys yanked back and forth before them. What Hoosier could receive these ads as anything other than a gross insult to intelligence? The ads offered by the National House Republican Committee portray us Republicans in the worst possible light, especially since no majority can be found even in a Republican-controlled congress for either amendment. It's a sad statement if we can offer no better rationale for Sodrel over Hill than this.

(The Principles of the First Republicans include a statement opposing amendments to federal and state constitutions which would encroach on their Bills of Rights.)

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Marla R. Stevens | November 8, 2006 8:40 AM

In a practical language argument for the First Republicans' agenda, Sodrel's tactic backfired. Your party is in for a tug-of-war between those who say the fault was not going far enough to the right to excite that base and not being centrist enough to appeal to a winnable majority. Good luck!