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"Homosexuality, like abortion and contraception, denigrates the intrinsic dignity of and respect for human life. Support of these actions breed a mindset where life becomes a commodity and the highest achievement is self-indulgence, which inevitably leads to the reckless behavior we are now witnessing. It was embrace of depravity that led Foley to abuse the power and authority of his office and prey upon young, underage Congressional pages.

If his claim that he was the victim of sexual molestation by a clergyman, it only further proves that known homosexuals should not be admitted to the priesthood. Foley's actions were that of homosexual predator, not a pedophile. Homosexuals reproduce sexually by molesting children. This creates a cycle of violence and disordered behavior that creates future generations of abusers and predators." -- Jason Jones, Director of Public Relations for Human Life International which describes itself as "the world's largest Catholic pro-life and pro-family organization."

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Of course, it's all our fault. Who didn't see that one coming?

The blatant lies and hypocrisy in this quote makes my blood boil. Especially the part about how we "reproduce." Geez. The other part that kills me is how the "embrace of depravity" led Foley to hit on teenage pages. It seems to me that the closet the Republicans and the Catholic church forced on him had more to do with his sexuality turning into something less than wholesome. If he'd been able to be honest about the fact that he was gay, maybe he'd be in a healthy loving relationship instead of trying to get laid via young people he could attempt to control to protect his need for secrecy.

It appears it is the pedophiles which are reproducing.


Sorry, I didn't see it coming. But maybe I should've.

And I thought it was the alcoholic rages.

Depravity? Violence? Let's see now - my son graduated from IUPUI with Honors, dissaproves of any form of bigotry, is the most gentle and loving person I know, wouldn't hurt a fly......I trust most of the GLBT people I know more than I would a closeted, tight-ass, so-called heterosexual hypocrite. Maybe we just live in an alternate universe.......