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Ron Liggett and David Orentlicher: Two Candidates Worthy of GLBT Support

Filed By Karen Celestino-Horseman | October 23, 2006 10:35 AM | comments

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Attention members, family and friends of the GLBT community - your financial support and election day assistance is needed by former State Representative Ron Liggett, author of the legislative proposal that included sexual orientation in Indiana's nondiscrimination code.

In the last election for State Representative, Liggett was defeated by Bill Davis, who voted to amend the Indiana Constitution so as to ban same sex marriage. In 2007, these newly elected legislators will be voting for the second time on an amendment. If the amendment passes, it will then be placed before all Indiana voters. If you do not want to give Davis an opportunity to vote for the amendment a second time, then you need to support Liggett, who also happens to be the openly proud father of a gay son.

As a State Representative, David Orentlicher voted against the marriage amendment and deserves the opportunity to vote against the amendment a second time. Today's Indianapolis Star writes that Orentlicher's seat is one that is targeted by Republicans.

The time to defeat the marriage amendment is November 7. If you do not want the Indiana Constitution amended to specifically exclude same sex marriage; if you do not want the incidents of marriage denied to persons of the same sex, then you had better assist candidates such as Ron Liggett and David Orentlicher (click the contact button on Orentlichter's website). I cannot vote for either Liggett nor Orentlicher but I can provide a financial contribution in support of their efforts and I hope you will too.

Speaking of voting, if you do not live in Liggett's district, you can find out how your state representative voted (members of both parties voted in support of the marriage amendment so take nothing for granted) by visiting Indiana Action Network.

And remember to vote on November 7, 2007 - it is one day on which it is guaranteed that your elected officials will hear what you have to say.

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