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Runnemede: To Be Revisited?

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Sent to the Magna Charta Dames:

Well, grrlz, now that Shrub hath signed yesterday the abolishment of habeas corpus for all practical purposes in the U.S.A., thus spitting on the Magna Charta and the sacrifices of our forebears it took to achieve and maintain it all these many centuries, are we going to take up arms again and march out upon the new Runnemede, aka the National Mall, to hold this generation's King John's -- by the name of George -- feet to the fire until he repealeth the repeal?

Inquiring pissed-off surety-to-be and her wife want to know!

-- Mrs. & Mrs. Marla & Phyllis Stevens

The Peter Sellers-esque spectre of a tiny army of blue-blooded blue-hairs marching on the nation's capitol notwithstanding...

We got here out of a cascade of things -- lack of courage and lack of education in the general population so that they neither knew their rights nor understood their importance enough that --when coupled with fear -- those rights were an easy trade for the illusion of safety, the sort of steady beating down that the Nazis did in the 30s where they slowly and inexorably stripped away decency through law bit by bit until resetting the outrage meter was just too exhausting and dangerous a task, and the utter and palpable evil of these people drunk with power and certitude and a surfeit of amoral authoritarianism couched in moral terms in a manner that would have impressed even Orwell.

We have to face the fact that we now have to start over from the 13th century. Daunting but, if our forebears did it, we can, too.

On the other hand, I like the idea of an island. -- How about Majorca? It's a sure sight better than Guantanamo!

Read the shameful Military Commissions Act, S 3930.

Here's the Senate vote and the House vote.

It doesn't get more important than this.

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Rick Sutton | October 19, 2006 8:52 AM

Excellent post.

I can only assume that this president's penchant for signing statements, was waived for this bill, inasmuch as he got most of what he wanted, thus he had no compelling need to tell us in advance he would not be bound by the law.

As a student of legal tomes, it might be good reading to walk through these signing statements, particularly if they exposed the inner workings of this devious mind. Alas, W must have someone else writing them. Clearly too complicated for his National Guard-avoiding mind.

823 days, 1 hour, 8 mins., 14.3 seconds left in this miserable national nightmare. (Yes, I have a descending days keeps me sane.)

Marla Jefferson Randolph Stevens | October 19, 2006 11:22 PM

Thank you, Rick -- and I concur.

Everyone should be afraid -- and the history of the pink triangles tells us that anyone whose existence has been the subject of controversy -- queers today being at the forefront of that -- should be even more so.

We literally have only the good will of one person -- whoever happens to be the U.S. president -- to keep us from disappearing from the streets sans recourse as if the U.S.A. was some scary oligarchy with a despotic puppetmaster pulling the strings of its figurehead and with the laws to match. -- Oops, we have now become a scary oligarchy with a despotic puppetmaster pulling the strings of its figurehead and with the laws to match! How did that happen?!?

And Republican queers and other party apologists, please, please don't tell me that they really like us with proof the evidence of a rare Condi tongue slip and how much us is them. Given this admin's penchant for throwing us like so much red meat to the dogs of the religious political extremists, I'm not exactly sleeping easy these days.

My favorite countdown to the end of the nightmare is: