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Songs for Sunday -- the favorites edition

Filed By Ellen Andersen | October 21, 2006 11:14 PM | comments

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I've been listening to Yo-Yo Ma's version of Bach's cello suites while I grade midterms, and it hardly makes sense to list a series of suites, so I thought I'd leave everyone with a list of 10 songs currently on my "absolute favorites" playlist. In no particular order:

1. Ani DiFranco, Studying Stones. My favorite Ani of the moment.
2. Brandi Carlile, Throw it All Away. Carlile's debut album is all great, but this is my fave.
3. The Frames, Fake. From Burn the Maps. Great song from a great album.
4. Jay Farrar, Station to Station. Uncle Tupelo was a great band. Its demise led to the rise of two other great bands. While Wilco is more popular, I've always preferred Son Volt. This gem comes from Son Volt's driving force, in a solo album.
5. Marjorie Fair, Empty Room. I blogged about this track months ago. I'm still loving it.
6. RobinElla, Break it Down Baby. Imagine a voice that's a cross between Billie Holiday and Dolly Parton. Come on, stop laughing and imagine it. Now go listen.
7. The Postal Service, Such Great Heights. I dare you to listen to this without dancing. Or at least hopping around a little bit.
8. Okkervil River, Black. Okkervil River commonly has dark lyrics, and this is among the darkest of them, right up there with "The War Criminal Rises and Speaks" (and you can just imagine what those lyrics are...) But wow, are they powerful.
9. Margot and the Nuclear So&Sos, Vampires in Blue Dresses. Local band makes good!
10. The Decemberists, The Crane Wife 3. I've only been listening to this for a few weeks, so I don't know if the love affair will last. But my initial impression is that the Decemberists' latest is a keeper.

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