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Steph hits it on the head

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I noticed Steph's first post on Indy Undercover and thought I'd also post a "Hey! She's right!" post, but then I noticed she was spreading the word on IndyScribe too and figured she had it covered. She says on IndyScribe:

After reading a good chunk of both the site posts and the comments from others, I'm dismayed at some of the virulently racist and homophobic attitudes expressed in both. The site goes beyond partisan politics and far into libelous territory.

Apparently, Indy Undercover saw Steph's post on IndyScribe and linked to it from his site thereby sending the swarm of far right-wingers over there to leave tons of comments about how wrong Steph was. They're just misunderstood. They only want to destroy Democrats - not gay people and African-Americans - from what I can gather...

You see, I've read Indy Undercover. It's purportedly ran by an Indianapolis police officer and does have some inside scoops. However, the comments left are blatantly racist and homophobic. They just are. Most of the actual posts are borderline - just one step short of being truly offensive but hanging out with "rude" and "impolite" quite often. It is one of the worst examples of blogging that I have ever seen - it cares nothing for fact and mostly about innuendo.

So over at Indy Undercover they denounced Steph. To quote them, "Indyu is amazed that Indyu is being called racist. Indyu is dedicated to protecting all citizens. Indyu never judges a citizen by their race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation but by the content of their character."

But then real life kicked in and bit them in the ass. The following comments were left on that post...

RG said... (Ed note: Someone is pretending to be African-American City-County Councilor Ron Gibson)
Why come y'all be futtin wit me an my homey frank? You know that he be da bess man for da chob! Shiiii!!
Y'all don't know whut he be knowin'!
Jess for dat, I gonna make shure you don't be gettin no raise when y'all get togetter as innianplis Metropoltin po-lice partment. I be your boss!
12:01 AM

Anonymous said...
5:27 she's just a bitter dyke. She thinks only Democrats understand what its like to be gay. I think Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana would think different.
5:51 PM

Anonymous said... (Ed note: This one is pretending to be African-American Sheriff Frank Anderson)
To allz you peoples dat be on dis blog supportin me and my man Bart...I'dz like to say thankz...don't let dis here "police blogs" upset ya'll nonez...i'm da sheriff's...i be runnin dis here department...who is dis Steve Davis anywayz??? Just az soons az dis election is over...I be right back up der...puttins moneyz in my pockets and sh*ttinz on da public...Frankie Flare sayz...I Keepz It Realz!!!
10:57 PM

Ah, nothing like Indianapolis' finest out there showing their racism and homophobia, eh? Doesn't it make you feel safe? With crime sky high in Indianapolis, apparently our officers have nothing better to do in their spare time but leave nasty hateful comments on a blog run by a police officer who's too chickenshit to even blog under his own name. Indy Undercover's owner goes by the nickname "Joe Friday" and most of his comments come from "Anonymous." Here in Indiana gays and lesbians are constantly subject to harassment and intimidation. We can lose our jobs if our employer is homophobic. We get beat up and cursed at. And yet we are able to blog under our own names over here at bilerico - just as Steph does at both blogs. Now if only our officers had the same courage, maybe they'd stop a criminal or two...

Here's hoping that Gary Welsh at Advance Indiana will refute Indy Undercover's claim that he would support their blatantly racist and homophobic comments. He's better than they are.

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FWIW, the ongoing freak show at AI and IndyU is deliberate. The political scum suckers do it every f**kin cycle ? stop letting them win elections-by-default.

Go pay them a freakin visit, tell them what you think.

Tried to read your blog this morning, but couldn't get on...was there trouble in webland?

The RG post on IndyU was pointed out to me by a friend. It was disgusting.

That being said, Ron has brought most of this on himself, unfortunately. Getting indicted for slapping an officer of the law...he'll have his day in court, but he's mustered a full-court defense. Kinda overkill.

And he could've been the bigger man and just walked away.

Still, no excuse for IndyU to resort to this kind of nonsense. Disappointing. I generally have a very favorable few of our local police officers. I'm gonna hope it's a small minority over there. I did notice that Jocelyn posts a lot over there...

She does get around.

Happy 'versary.

Given that Gary posts some IU positive statements after the homophobic posts about me, I doubt you'll see any refuting from him.

Yeah, the site was down until about noon yesterday - the whole server got taken out by something. But we're back up for business now!

I just don't see how Gary can keep linking to IU and giving them free promotion when they're calling folks dykes and engaging in blatantly racist comments. :(

Wilson46201 | October 8, 2006 6:43 PM

Gary has a moderated comments section but he just let a Dickerson supporter post physical threats against me. Luckily, I'm not easily intimidated...