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This Just In: Voters not Stupid

Filed By Chris Douglas | October 17, 2006 7:31 AM | comments

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As if its breaking news, CNN has released the startling data from its latest poll. It turns out that voters care about terrorism, Iraq, the economy, North Korea' s nulcear endeavors, in that order. These things do matter, as even does the Foley Scandal, which came in a more distant fifth, as evidence of House leadership integrity.

Where is the electorate's concern about "protecting traditional marriage" by amending the Constitution to deny equal protection to gay couples? Didn't make the list. Where is the electorates concern about protecting amending the Constitution to prohibit the burning of the Flag? Didn't make the list.

Even Eric Miller of Advance America has given up on these ridiculous right wing social issues as a means to gaining support, and is now focusing on property tax relief.

For every day that the National House Republican Committee runs advertisements for Sodrel against Hill, throughout central Indiana, emphasising issues of no importance whatsoever to intelligent voting majority, the Committee drives younger, intelligent Republicans out of the Party and into independency, and independents into the hands of Democrats. These advertisements must stop; their damage to the Party is significant.

(From our Principles : FIRST REPUBLICANS BELIEVE the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights is the bedrock of American freedom. The individual rights and freedoms established in federal and state constitutions must be protected from amendment and defended from encroachment.)

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Chris Douglas | October 17, 2006 1:32 PM

I should clarify: When I say Eric Miller has given up on right wing social issues as a means of gaining support, I do NOT mean that he as given up on right wing social issues. I DO mean that he realizes those issues haven't taken him very far, and he is pressing other issues to try and get better footing.