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Watch New Jersey today

Filed By Don Sherfick | October 25, 2006 8:20 AM | comments

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I just got an E-Mail from Lambda Legal indicating that the New Jersey Supreme Court is due to announce its long-awaited decision on same-sex marriage today (Wednesday) at 3 p.m. EST (why not EDT I don't know...that would make it 4 p.m. in Indy, I think). Some are saying that if it tracks the favorable Massachusetts decision it could be "James Dobson's October Surpise", and re-energize the Republican base in the forthcoming elections. I don't think I'm the only one who has mixed emotions concerning the outcome, or at least the timing. Stay tuned.

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I would agree, Don. We need a favorable ruling given the New York and Washington decisions, but this is bad timing. It's happening today because the NJ supreme court chief starts mandatory retirement tomorrow.

I've sometimes silently (and not so silently) cursed the mayors around the country who took it upon themselves to start issuing marriage licenses. Well intentioned, but lacking knowledge of the strategy of all the major lgbt legal and political groups.

I think either way the decision could go will energize the Right to some extent. But increasingly people have pushed this issue aside for the more critical issues like the war.

I think that people should have mixed feelings. A minority is finally beginning to gain equality. The right to marry is a HUGE civil right. We can't be afraid because the republicans/evangelicals(I know that they're not necessarily on in the same, but they can be and are lots of times) will try and energize their psycho base with that. Equality is equality is equality. And we must stand up for it. Lots of bigots didn't like the interracial marriage and womens' suffrage decisions either. But you know what, screw 'em! It's time to stop pandering to bigots and or idiots.