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Battling legislative hypocrisy

Filed By Don Sherfick | January 27, 2007 8:40 AM | comments

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I have to admit that when I initially read Bil's first post indicating he'd had enough and was going to call Indiana legislative hypocrisy by its real name, letting the chips fall where they may, I got a bit squishy. I'm not by nature an "in your face" person, and may not always agree on the selection of a given set of tactics in the battle for LGBT eqality.

But let's be clear here: as Barry Goldwater might have put it, patience and civility taken as resignation is no virtue......righteous anger producing discomfort is no vice!

Personally, what folks who preach sexual/marital virtues they don't themselves live up to riles me far less than when they fail to meet minimum standards of integrity inherent in the oath they took as Indiana lawmakers. Misrepresentation of a proposed constitutional amendment is wrong in any moral code.......holding on to constitutional amendment language you think vague and capable of mischief just to have a "wedge issue" before the public in November 2008 is affirming that the end justifies the means. Most folks who describe themselves as Christians rejected that proposition long ago.

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I understand your "squishiness," Don. As I've said before, I had to struggle with myself to do this. I think that we all need to do whatever we can to stop this horrible amendment. I know - from personal experience - that you are using almost every available hour to strike back at this awful legislation. I had a few extra minutes left each day and a few thousand readers every day. *grins* It seemed like an appropriate venue and outlet. :)

Glad to see you're - while not necessarily on board - able to live with my decision. Don't hesitate to disagree with me, give your advice, or offer up your own alternatives. I honestly believe that open discussion and strategizing is the only way we're going to win this.