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Nancy Pelosi has officially been elected the first woman Speaker of the House. Good luck, Nancy. You're going to need it.

Indianapolis Republican City-County Councilor Scott Keller has been approached by several groups to run for mayor of Indianapolis in 2008. He has declined in order to run for his Council seat.

Republican Councilor Isacc Randolph, expected mayoral candidate, has not announced that he'll be running. You might remember Ike as the councilor who courted gay and lesbian votes in his last election but then back-stabbed our community by voting against the inclusive human rights ordinance twice (and refusing to meet with any LGBT constituents). Republican slating for council seats has been postponed since there's no candidate for mayor yet. Does no one want to run against Bart?

Massachusetts lawmakers have advanced a gay marriage amendment. They had first decided not to pass the legislation, but on the last day of the session they came back and passed the amendment. Gay marriage supporters - including incoming Governor Deval Patrick - had asked the legislators to skip voting on the amendment. If the amendment passes the legislature again next year, it could go on the ballot in 2008.

As of December 20, 2006, the Human Rights Commission in Columbus, Indiana is now receiving complaints based on sexual orientation and gender identity. "Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of the resolution amending the rules and regulations to change 'handicap' language to 'disability,' add voluntary mediation for age discrimination, and include voluntary mediation for sexual orientation and gender identity," stated Arlette Cooper Tinsley, the Director of the Columbus Human Rights Commission. The commission changed the policy thanks in large part to a grassroots effort led by local organizers under the umbrella of the Columbus Gay/Straight Alliance (G/SA) with consultative services provided by the Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance (INTRAA).

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Wilson46201 | January 4, 2007 5:19 PM

Amazing factoid I just learned yesterday: despite having Congresslady Nancy Pelosi as our first female Speaker of the House, the Parliaments in both Iraq and Afghanistan have a higher percentage of female parliamentarians! The Hoosier Congressional delegation is all male except for Julia Carson.

Amplifications on your observations:

1. Ike Randolph: I hope he does run. In 2006, he voted favorably on a zoning petition for Kite Development, and took $5,000 for Kite for his 2003 campaign. In addition to his city salary, which should recuse him from multiple votes, he should've recused on this one. He is running for mayor.

2. Scott Keller reportedly approached the Dems to switch parties. They reportedly declined.
Republicans are rumored to be running a candidate against him at slating. He has been a strong friend to the LGBT community, but it is a Democratic district.

3. Bart Peterson continues to poll at nearly 70% approval. In politics, that's almost insurmountable if your election is ten months away. Lots of ground for someone to make up.

Viva the Columbus folks. May their tribe multiply.

I heard the opposite about Keller, Anon. I heard the Dems approached him about switching, but he thought he could do more good trying to bring the Pubs away from the Eric Miller types...