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I thought I'd share the results of the poll we had up during the week. The question asked, "What is your favorite part of" 55 people answered the poll - which is more than I thought would answer such a necessarily narcissistic question...

The overwhelming winner was "LGBT politics" with 18% of the vote. We'll continue to cover the political world from an LGBT perspective, of course. While we'll be expanding to cover other LGBT issues and topics, you never have to worry about that part of our culture going away. Politics, whether we like it or not, affects us too easily if no one is paying attention.

And while we had winners, we also had losers... Based on the results, I'm happy sorry to say that "Songs for Sunday" is officially dead. That category started over a year ago with a simple thought: "I don't really want to post seven days a week. Here's an easy throw-away post that maybe folks will like." But, well, you didn't. (Not that I blame you, I didn't really like it either! Strangely enough, when I'd run into people on the street who knew me only from blogging on here, one of the first things they'd mention almost every single time was "Songs for Sunday." I'd grimace and move on to something else.) It received the lowest amount of votes (3) and has been eliminated from the competition.

The Linkalicious category will get a face lift too since it came in next-to-last (6 votes). It started before the other contributors came on board as a general listing of links I thought were funny or cute. You know, stuff you'd e-mail a friend and say "Check this out." I'll try to keep it more LGBT oriented and flesh it out a bit more.

Keep reading to see the changes. I'll be posting a new poll on Monday for a little more input. Thanks for answering the question and we hope you participate in the next one!

For reference purposes, find the breakdown of votes after the jump.

What's your favorite part of

  • LGBT politics 18% (28 votes)
  • Local coverage 15% (23 votes)
  • Transgender issues 14% (21 votes)
  • LGBT news/action alerts 12% (19 votes)
  • Political cartoons 10% (16 votes)
  • National news/opinion 8% (12 votes)
  • LGBT entertainment 6% (9 votes)
  • LGBT-themed video clips 5% (8 votes)
  • Feminist issues 5% (8 votes)
  • Linkalicious 4% (6 votes)
  • Songs for Sunday 2% (3 votes)
  • Other 1% (2 votes)

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Don Sherfick | January 14, 2007 6:48 PM

Well, I for one will miss the "Songs For Sunday" list. Perhaps, given the high marks that LGBT Politics has gotten in your poll, maybe it can from time to time be resurrected within that context. For example, while the General Assembly is in session, such offerings as "I Don't Have a Clue and Neither Do You But I'm Voting For the 'Marriage Amendment' Anyway, You Too?" ought to be high on the charts.