February 26, 2007

The politics of personal destruction

Filed by Bil Browning | February 26, 2007 | 10:41 PM | comments

As some of you might have heard, last week was a really rough one for me. After leading the impromptu protest at the Statehouse, things have turned toward the ugly. While there is a small faction within the LGBT community...Read More

This week's poll

Filed by Bil Browning | February 26, 2007 | 7:56 PM | comments

Take Our Poll from PollDaddy.com What do you think will happen to SJR-7 now that it is going to the house? Will it be amended? Will it steamroll right through the legislature as-is? Or will they kill it completely?...Read More

Hillary Rorschach

Filed by Alex Blaze | February 26, 2007 | 1:35 PM | comments

I really do have a job to get back to, but I found this Mother Jones article on the cultural phenomenon that is Hillary Clinton. I can recommend it for reading material even though I've only read half - I...Read More

College student in Colorado attacked

Filed by Alex Blaze | February 26, 2007 | 1:30 PM | comments

Speaking of hate crimes, there was another attack this past week against a lesbian student at Naropa University. 365gay has more:Police say the young woman had met two men in a mall who said they were from California and did...Read More

Andrew Anthos passed away last Friday

Filed by Alex Blaze | February 26, 2007 | 11:24 AM | comments

Andrew Anthos, the 72-year-old man who was attacked after getting of the bus on February 13th, passed away Friday. The assailant apaprently asked him if he was gay while on the bus and then followed him when he got off...Read More

Jimmy Kimmel, seriously

Filed by Alex Blaze | February 26, 2007 | 8:15 AM | comments

Kimmel from last Thursday (h/t to Autumn at the Blend): What do we expect from the former co-host of The Man Show? Seriously, this guy needs to wake up and get himself an education. Not only does he make fun...Read More

SB289 - a stealth companion of SJR-7?

Filed by Don Sherfick | February 26, 2007 | 7:28 AM | comments

We all know how proponents and opponents of SJR-7 are arguing over whether the text of that proposed "Marriage" amendment is crystal-clear or river-bottom muddy, what it means and what it doesn't. It now seems that a companion piece of...Read More


Quote of the Day

Filed by Ed Team | February 26, 2007 | 6:19 AM | comments

You know, when Tim made the comment, and a lot of people you know bashed him and jumped on him, but at the same time I'm almost 100% sure that there are other people who feel the way he does,...Read More