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Bill Richardson speaks at the HRC

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That makes two candidates to speak at the HRC, the other being Hillary.

Some thoughts:
  • "You will never have to prod me to make a stand for you to do what is right for you and your families." Except, apparently, on marriage equality.
  • He talks the domestic partnership bill that he called a special session of the NM General Assembly for. The exact reason that the NM GOP cited for not passing it in that session is that Richardson was just doing it because he's running for president.
  • He goes over what he has done for the gays of New Mexico. They're all pretty good things.
  • "They talk the talk, but do they walk the walk?" he asks. Well, good question. If a Democrat wins the White House and they keep the Congress, well, then that'd be the time to get rid of a lot of laws and get a lot of others passed. But will any of the candidates even try to do that?
  • Haha, jab at Ann Coulter.
  • He promises to end DADT. He mentions that he voted against it in Congress, but of course forgets to mention that he voted for DOMA.
  • He's against the FMA, and supports "rights" for gay couples, hate crimes leg, and ENDA. Way ahead of GWB.
  • He's vague on marriage equality. I'm totally on the Pam Spaulding Boat on this one - we need them to be specific about getting rid of DOMA... or not, if they're in favor of it. Either way, unless we get a specific "yes" or "no" on DOMA, they're just going to lie and backpeddle and equivocate on the issue. At this point, since Barack, John, Hillary, and Bill all haven't supported full marriage equality or the removal of DOMA, I think it's safe to say that it'll be around until after 2013. If they aren't even able to make the promise to do so in front of the HRC, then it ain't gonna happen.
OK, now when are they going to go speak at the NGLTF?

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LOVE Bill Richardson. LOVE HIM. 'Nuff said. :)

Marla R. Stevens | March 30, 2007 2:26 PM

Yep. DOMA repeal is the one question that matters -- and Richardson has a failing grade on it thusfar.

He might get my vote if he wins the nomination -- might. Otherwise, he's not good enough to get my active support, especially as there will be plenty of candidates who do support us properly who we need to either retain or have replace those needing replacement. My eyes are on the long prize, using my resources to build for a better future.